the pr couture council

dates: June 3 - December 10, 2021

Isn’t it great to be able to pivot without anyone else’s input?

Isn’t it often harrowing to make those big decisions all on your own? 

Isn’t it wonderful to be on this journey where your gifts and your livelihood are in consistent evolution – alongside your creativity, capability and capacity?

Wonderful and…overwhelming?

The PR Couture Council is your virtual cabin on the mountain, your sandy beachside cabana, your life-changing desert retreat, 6-months of respite and reinvigoration, of learning and growth, direction and accountability built into each month  – so that your expansion is basically a done deal.

 Close out 2021 as the year your business becomes a fuller expression of who YOU are and who you are becoming.

The year when you finally switched things up.

The year when everything started coming together with more ease and enjoyment than ever before.

I came to the PRCC burned out, fed up and completely lost in navigating difficult client & business challenges. Less than one hour in Crosby's 'hot seat' and I had a plan for scaling my team, access to an incredible talent pool and the confidence to say "no" for the bigger "YES." Since working with Crosby, our agency doubled its team size and leveled up from a regional client list to a growing national portfolio.
Britney Price
PRCC Member, 2020, 2021

PRCC 6-month PROGRAM overview

The PRCC is PR Couture’s intimate small business mastermind for experienced agency owners and consultants ready to step it up and stop struggling solo. During our time together, you will expand your business, maximize profits, assert better boundaries and finally start enjoying what you’ve built. 

via group regular coaching + strategy calls, plus one-on-one support, you'll have everything you need to:

I've made my money back tenfold. During my year in PRCC I raised my prices, strengthened my mindset and confidence, and established practices to keep my agency running like a real business and not a freelance side hustle.
Lindsey Smolan
Founder, VLIV
PRCC Member, 2020, 2021

You have been at this awhile.

And are, as ever, a freaking miracle worker.

But let’s get real. Making miracles can be exhausting, even under normal circumstances.

And we are not exactly anywhere near normal (which is of course good and bad)

FACT: You decided to run your own thing for a REASON

You took the big, scary leap so that you could work with clients that you BELIEVE IN. The kind that come with the stories you’re THRILLED to tell. And to bring your agency/freelance vision to life – a company build on creativity, strategy, collaboration and CAN-DO

Because hells bells, can you DO.

The truth is that being in charge is great and it’s tough and it’s tough and it’s great.

You’re experiencing challenges like:

Not to mention…

The weight of being responsible for all of it – the results, and the profit margin, and the right software, and the media and influencer relationships, and being a walking crystal ball when it comes to where the industry is headed and what’s next. 

If you’ve got a hunch that a few powerful, practical shifts and a hefty dose of community and expert communication minds is just the ticket and…

You’re ready to get serious about amplifying what is working
And fixing what isn’t.

You’re ready to get serious about downtime,
Turning off, recharging and reconnecting to your why.

You’re ready to grow
Create new revenue streams
Show off what you know.

And bring your latest agency vision to life (while still having a life)…

That’s exactly what we do inside the PRCC.

I love having access to like-minded PR pros from all over the country. I developed meaningful relationships and ended up starting a side business venture with a fellow member!
Liz Anthony
Founder, Mariposa Communications

join the prcc today

Membership Includes:

🥳 6 x 90 min. PRCC Haute Seat Coaching Calls – $3k value

🥳 4 x 90 min. Expert Masterclasses – $2k value

🥳 2 x 60-min one-on-ones with Crosby ($1k value)

🥳 2 x 120 min. Quarterly Planning Virtual Retreats (Q3, Q4) – $1k value

🥳 6-month access to the Coterie member vault, courses, trainings etc  ($1150 membership value) 

*add additional team members to the Coterie for $97/month vs $197)

🥳 In-Person Retreat, San Diego – $1500 value

🥳 6-Month Agency Listing Above the Fold – $600 Value

🥳 Job Listing/Quarter – $74 value

🥳 PRCC Member Badge

🥳 Priority Publishing for Contributed Articles

Total Value: $10,324

I generated more than $20k in business directly through referrals and collaborations as a member of the PRCC. I expanded my knowledge as an agency owner, grew my business and made amazing new friends.
Christina Elman
Founder, the MAE Agency

I created the PRCC because I kept having the same conversations, one-on-one, with agency owners all struggling with the same thing. They would ask me, “Am I overcharging or undercharging on this proposal?” and “Where are all the good assistants hiding and how much should I pay one?” Things like, “Am I losing my mind or is this client/influencer actually crazy?” and “Do we HAVE to offer social media services? Do I HAVE to go live on Instagram?”and “Why can’t I find the time to do write that article/launch that course I KNOW will make me happy and help my business?UGHHHH”

Sound familiar?

After years of offering this type of support via official consulting arrangements and just talking dear friends off the ledge, I decided the best way to help would be to get you all together to have these conversations in a safe space with others on a similar path. And to share what I’ve learned after more than a decade running PR Couture and working with – and for – agency owners from all over the world.

I’m honored to extend the PR Couture platform to you as you grow your empire, thrilled to connect you to others who can support you on your path, and wildly optimistic about the magic we can create together.

Welcome to the PRCC!

Crosby Noricks
Founder, PR Couture

We're looking for a few good communicators

The PR Couture Council is open to experienced boutique agency owners, consultants and those holding a c-level leadership position. Members typically have 10+ years experience and businesses at the six and multiple six figure mark. 

Investment is a low, four-figures with a terrific payment plan and may be considered a business expense. 

For the full specifics on the program, tell us a bit more about you and we’ll be in touch with next steps within the week.

Crosby is generous, insightful, and accessible. She has a gentle way of nudging all of us to push further and holds us accountable without judgment or pressure, which ultimately leads to growth. When you work with her, it feels like a partnership and it's clear she is dedicated to your own success. Crosby she will contribute whatever she can - copywriting skills, strategic insights or her own personal contacts - to help you reach your goals.
Stephanie Smith, Ph.D., APR
Principal, SASC
PRCC Member 2019, 2020