The most potent ingredient in A six-figure & beyond PR business?

It's You, Boo.

Welcome to PRESENCE

Inside our personal brand + biz revamp for PR-based business owners, your creative, visionary self finally gets to shine - right alongside your clients.


You’re ALL IN on building
your own PR thing

And You need to hit 6-figures (like, minimum, okay)

When you discovered communications, it was like a career path had been custom-made just for you. It’s in your DNA; your superpowers are creativity and connection.

You are good at what you do (even if it doesn’t always feel that way). You have brilliant ideas in spades, killer instincts, media and brand savvy, plus a heart-led desire to work with clients you truly believe in for the greater good.

But after few years of trying this and that, the excitement of running your own thing has waned a bit, hasn’t it?

Quite honestly, you’re not sure:

  • What exactly to focus on re: YOU and your expertise (you jumped in without a business mission/vision – and while you know better, here we are)
  • Who exactly you want to work with (which makes it tough to do any truly effective, or consistent marketing or rebranding, so you’re just hiding…from all of it)  
  • What exactly you want to offer these days (so you’re offering a LOT, but not all of it lights you up and your soul’s a little….muddled about the whole thing)  
You know you need to package your brilliance all up into a compelling, credible, well-branded, functional business, and it’s super frustrating because you do this all the time for clients, but when it comes to your own biz – it feels next to impossible.

And that means you’re not building the kind of expert reputation that gets you noticed. Even though you know promotion is a necessary part of the biz.

I mean hellooo, you work in PR!

it's time to make a stronger impression

Here’s what’s true:

Without a compelling personal brand identity and consistent, industry-specific self-promotion, without clear, captivating company positioning and related offers, without a defined marketing process to nurture prospects along the sales process…

You’re actually making it MORE difficult for people to hire you.


The reality is that what your business is needs more than anything — is your willingness to show up and stand out.

What’s missing from the equation…is you

summer session june 29-august 13


PResence is aN 8-week personal brand + biz ACTIVATOR for PR-based Business owners ready to lead a PRemium, expert brand that makes bank

It’s time to step it up and stand out. To do what you tell your clients to do all the time; stand for something, go big, make a splash.

PRESENCE will help you uncover the business only YOU can run and help you become even more YOU in the process. (PRepare to fall in love!). There is no one size fits all approach here.


presence is organized around 3 main themes, addressed in 2-week sprints and tailored to your priorities

Through a mix of one-on-one consulting and group calls, we will focus on these 3 outcomes:

Hi, I'm Crosby,
Founder of PR Couture,
the #4 pr Brand in the world

And now, I am your ultimate career wing-woman, company advisor, visibility coach and brand new business bestie, helping you to ASSERT YOUR industry EXPERTISE, personality and perspective with the kind of thought-leader brand clients crave from their communications counsel (and which primes you for recognition and accolades of your own).

Over the years, my own career journey has been featured in hundreds of places. I've written books, delivered keynotes, created my own courses, award program and conference. I've been recognized as a Top PR Influencer, PR Game-Changer, Internet Marketing Leader and Innovator, 40 under 40 and Blogger of the Year.

PR is my world and supporting talented communication professionals just like you is my passion.

Here's what I want you to know...

when it comes to actually having

the business of your dreams.... (stop your scroll)

The answers and results you seek aren’t inside a Quora thread or the next free PDF you exchange for your email. They likely aren’t even in that fancy course you’ve been thinking about buying (assuming you’d actually do the whole thing).

And if you let yourself get really quiet and listen to that inner voice we all have — you know it’s the truth. You need boss-level support to build your boss-a** brand.

If you don’t believe in your own value and aren’t investing in your own growth and brand presence, how can you expect clients to come ready to sign up for your high-ticket services? 

I know this struggle firsthand.

My first year as a freelance publicist was no picnic. I took on way too many clients with super tiny budgets. I woke up a stress-ball every morning. I was proud of the work I was doing (though I always felt like I could have been doing more), but I was running on pure intuition – especially when it came to the ins and outs of actually running a business.

This fumbling about, coupled with a HUGE wake-up call when it came time to pay taxes (ouch!), meant I ended my first year as a business owner with anxiety, exhaustion and a very tiny bank account balance – despite a roster of 10 clients.

When I was offered an agency job – I took it (and the low salary) gratefully.

It took me YEARS to get comfortable taking on my own clients again. 

But, once PR Couture became my full-time gig, I had to figure out how to be a profitable consultant. 

Pretty quickly, I began to make in 2 days what I used to make in a month my first year as a freelance publicist (and I didn’t have to secure a single piece of media coverage to do it).

Here's what i did, using the exact structure i'll teach you inside PRESENCE:

Prominence + process + profit = the power of an expert PR brand


summer session june 29-august 13

PRESENCE is an 8-week personal branding + business activator for boutique agency owners, communication consultants, freelance publicists looking to finally create the business —  and income — you’re seeking by focusing on positioning your expertise through a mix of personal PR, a reinvigorated online presence and set of signature services you’re actually excited to sell

presence includes:

week by week


Best practices for selling PR services Masterclass - june 17

7 ways your prospective clients are making decisions in our current climate - and how to use that insight to secure more new business. Featuring Leah Neaderthal of Smart Gets Paid.
Early Bird!

Q3 Quarterly planning retreat - july 1

Join members of the Coterie and the PR Couture Council for a 2-hour virtual planning session to help you get even more clear on PRiorities ahead of our first group call. 9-11 am PT

Bonus materials

✔️ Curious to Committed Social Media Copy Workshop
✔️ Conversion-Driving Homepage Template
✔️ Masterclass/Workshop Slide Outline
✔️ Welcome/Nurture Email Sequence Outline
✔️ Additional resources TBD based on group need

Elevate Your PResence

Personal Brand + Biz Revamp for PR-based Consultants + Agency Owners
  • 8 Week Program, 2 Calls per Week ($4,182 value)
  • Two One-on-One Biz-Building Sessions + Biz Prep Questionnaire (S1,194 value)
  • 2 Weeks Post-Program Support ($600 value)
  • Bonus Materials: Live Sales Workshop, Quarterly Planning Retreat, Template ($1,391 value)
Total Estimated Value of PRESENCE: $5970
+ Bonus Workshops, Trainings etc: $1391

Once you have completed your payment you’ll get an email confirming your participation, followed by another within 48 hours with links to your questionnaire, group calendar and link to book your first one-on-one session.


Curious about working with Crosby?

Questions? Let’s answer ‘eM

What if I can’t make the live calls?

We can book our one-on-ones around your schedule. If you are unable to attend a group call, it’s not a big deal! You can always watch the recording after the fact.

What if I have already hit six-figures and business is going pretty well?

Great! We will build on what you already have to make you even MORE profitable and take back some of your time!  So that we can focus on blowing up your personal brand (in the best way of course!).

I am not a publicist – will this work for me?

In a word -YES! Any communications-focused freelance service provider or similar (social media strategists, copywriters, content marketers) will benefit from this program.

What’s the difference between this and the Coterie?

the Coterie is an ongoing membership that includes access to multiple trainings, templates and business development challenges that is primarily self-directed, with the ability to jump into 2x monthly Office Hours on Voxer and a quarterly masterclass. PRESENCE is a 6-week, high-touch container that focuses solely on building an expert PR brand through personal PR and a signature offer or service. Coterie  members may join this program, and PRESENCE grads may find Coterie to be the best next step for ongoing support.

What if I still have my day job/don’t even have a website yet?

Totally fine! Participating in this program will help generate momentum and accelerate your ability to leave your job for good (if that’s your ultimate plan).

Can I talk to you first?

Feel free to add me on Voxer (username Crosbyn) and ask me any questions about the program or email hello[at]prcouture.com 


Your reinvigorated, revitalized PR business is waiting!