Develop a new profitable revenue stream by adding lucrative social media retainers to your PR services

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hanging your hat solely on your ability to secure publicity gives your business an immediate shelf life.

Sure, there are still editorial opportunities available, but the competition for coverage has never been steeper, not to mention the current limits on accepting samples and need for a COVID-19 friendly angle. For brands with budgets already stretched thin, it’s time to rethink how to frame your expertise to best support clients right now – even as you pursue short and long-lead media opportunities. 

Social media is not only a complementary service, rooted in brand value, messaging, story and audience engagement, but can act as a short-term acquisition and retention effort, as well as a sales driver for brands.

Now is the time for companies to capitalize on the current lift in social media usage (up 61% so far in 2020 according to Kantar) and increase brand presence in those places where key audiences are already spending their time – seeking inspiration, connection and entertainment.

To put it plainly, you’re leaving money on the table by not offering social media services, or by grouping those efforts under your existing retainers.

With social media in play you can:

you already know how to best serve your clients through social media. You just need to be strategic about offering social aS A dedicated service so that is is both profitable and easy to deliver.

Develop your social media services alongside a successful social media agency owner – who works directly with PR agencies.  Quickly offer profitable social media services to  boost your revenue, secure quick wins and support ongoing PR efforts.


present social

A 3-week revenue-booster for boutique agency owners, PR freelancers and communication consultants

Present social is currently closed

Each week includes a live training (recorded if you can't make it), templates/resources, action items and weekly office hours

What is an additional $30k in revenue this
year worth to you?

(that’s a conservative estimate of a single $2500 social media retainer x 12 months)

present social is a total value of $1,300+

in just a few weeks short Weeks you will have:

Plus this additional $600+ social media success bonus:

Everything you need to sell + implement lucrative social media services 

Meet Your instructor

Ashley Hannah, Founder, World I Want

Ashley runs a boutique social media marketing agency where she leads her clients in establishing a thriving social media presence by developing compelling content and building engaged communities of enthusiastic brand advocates.

She has helped clients double their website traffic in a single month, grow online communities to more than 100k members, and both achieve and maintain a monthly average engagement rate of 43%.

For several years, Ashley has provided strategic, streamlined social media management services PR agencies, as a  white-label partner, allowing firms to successfully add social media as an additional revenue stream.

Imagine making more money while working less AND providing a great service to your clients.

It’s absolutely possible. And during PRESENT SOCIAL, Ashley will be your guide.

with additional support from

Crosby Noricks, Founder, PR Couture

Crosby successfully developed and then led the award-winning social media department for a top digital marketing agency where she  got to spearhead the social and digital footprint for brands like Charlotte Russe, Creative Nail Design (CND), Quicksilver Womens and Sutter Home. 

Crosby will be available in the Facebook group and on the training call in week 3 to provide additional insight and support. 


present social


A 3-week revenue-booster for boutique agency owners, PR freelancers and communication consultants

Each week includes a live training (recorded if you can't make it), templates/resources, action items and weekly office hours

Plus this additional $500+ social media success bonus:

present social is a total value of $1,300+

PResent Social is Currently Closed. 

Here's what we're not covering:

hello there!

I started PR Couture way back in 2006 because I wanted a dedicated place online to connect with others in the field. Because frankly, I hadn’t gotten that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for career insight or support in the early days of my career – I didn’t want that to happen to anyone else on my watch.

The way I see it, public relations works best when we place our highest value on the strength of our relationships, when we slow down long enough to truly listen to and support one another. These days, I am proud that what was once a little fashion PR blog has evolved into a cornerstone of many career success stories (the least of which is my own).

In late 2019, I launched the Coterie to further commit to that early goal of making sure that PR professionals like us – no matter our location or experience – have a go-to resource to help us do our work with confidence. A place where we are can be both recognized for and encouraged in our expertise, where no question is off limits, no aspiration too lofty.

I want you to know the pride that comes from challenging yourself to go a bit bigger, shine a bit brighter. And I want you to experience the joy that comes from sharing what you know, being in-demand for your unique perspective (aka getting paid to be YOU!), and clear where you want to focus your contribution and impact.

I hope you see you in PRESENT SOCIAL very soon – it would be an honor to play a role in your own success story.

In your corner,


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