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According to Fast Company, the wellness industry is globally valued at $4.2 trillion. Since the global wellness growth shows no signs of slowing down, and summer solstice is tomorrow, here are a few leading publications and blogs in the wellness industry to inspire, educate and PITCH.

1.For Product Reviews and Expert Quotes: Well+Good

The founders of Well+Good had one goal when starting the company back in 2010 – to decode the health and wellness industry to make it accessible to all. The site encourages readers to build a healthy wellness practice through different editorial segments including food, exercise, career advice, personal care and more.

What I love about this site is its relevance and reliability. It answers wellness questions readers didn’t even know they had.

What to Pitch: Well+Good does a great job of reviewing products and providing authentic reviews- send in products like activewear, clean beauty and exercise equipment. The site also frequently quotes experts in the field in their articles. For example, this article addresses how often you should be doing yoga to reap its maximum benefits while quoting several yoga instructors on their opinions.

Representing a yoga instructor, spin studio or wellness spa? Offer interviews and opinions from their founders to get coverage.

2.For Mental, Spiritual and Physical Thought Leadership: Mindbodygreen

Another prominent leader in wellness publications is Mindbodygreen. Mindbodygreen approaches wellness from all aspects and intends to inspire readers to live their “best life,” whether that’s coming from a physical, mental or spiritual point of view. The content-rich site educates on all topics from functional food to personal growth and also includes delicious healthy recipes.

A great place to submit thought leadership articles, Mindbodygreen promote their of mentors, subject matter experts chosen to guide readers through their personal wellness journey. These mentors come in the form of healers, innovators, visionaries and changemakers. Mentors share their approach to wellness and offer practical advice.

What to Pitch: Mindbodygreen welcomes guest blog articles- Have your brand’s founder submit a piece on clean eating or tips for getting a great night’s sleep, and integrate product mentions (salad dressing, lavender lip balm) to related items. Represent a fitness studio or health/wellness practitioner? Have them do the same and write about the benefits and science behind their area of work/ class offerings. Find all the details on how to submit to MGG here.

3. For Perspectives on Wellness Trends and Giveaways: Alive

Next up is Alive, another source natural health and wellness. Originally started in Canada, Alive launched their US-based magazine in 2016. Alive is a lifestyle magazine that touches on multiple topics in addition to health and wellness, including family, food, beauty and fitness.

Alive has always been my go-to resource for understanding new industries Their wellness industry spotlights such as this CBD article effectively explains complex fields and topics, breaking down the latest trends or buzzwords for the average reader.

Additionally, I’ve found Alive articles to be more scientific while still maintaining a level of authenticity.

What to Pitch: Alive runs plenty of giveaways. If you have extra product sets to send out, reach out to them for inclusion in a current giveaway or a new partnership.

4. For Quick + Easy Recipes: Fit Foodie Finds

Shifting gears away from traditional media publications onto blogs, Fit Foodie Finds was founded by Lee Funke in 2011. Funke started this blog when she was still in school. She was motivated to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle by sharing her exercise, recipe and style tips. What sets Fit Foodie Finds apart from its counterparts is its focus not only on healthy eating and physical wellness but also on mental health.

The recipes on Fit Foodie Finds are not only delicious and healthy but also almost too pretty to eat. Be careful about reading these before bedtime as you may end up in the kitchen for hours after. Also, Fit Foodie Finds is a great source for applicable advice. It caters toward busy working women who may not have ample time and equipment on hand for complex routines.

What to pitch: Quick and easy “good for you” recipes are this blog’s bread + butter (get it?), so pitch your brand founders’ favorite raw breakfast bars or kept mousse. Images matter here, so be sure to take hi-res photos that feature the ingredients next to the finished meal (and be sure to put your product or creator front+center in a few). Linley Richter is their lead recipe developer. Reach out to her at linley[at]fitfoodiefinds.com.

5. For Vegan Products and Stories of Transformation: The Full Helping

Gena is the voice behind The Full Helping. She is a certified nutritionist, cookbook author and vegan food educator. On her health and wellness blog, she shares delicious plant-based recipes while inspiring readers to reflect on their journey of self-care and mindfulness. If you’re looking for a more personal approach to wellness, then Gena is your online wellness friend who shares her journey openly and honestly.

One of my personal favorite recipes from The Full Helping is this Frosted Banana Cake. I love the mild sweetness of the cake combined with the crunchy texture of cashews.

In addition to glamorous recipes and positive topics, Gena also touches on difficult subjects such as eating disorders. Read here series in support of NEDA week addressing her own recovery.

What to Pitch: Health food brands and wellness products that are vegan + eco friendly.

With clean eating, wellness and the sober curious movements picking up steam, brands should explore story angles and product integrations in this space to reach new audiences and build new media relationships.



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