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With April on the horizon, it’s basically summer already, isn’t it? Too bad getting your taxes taken care of doesn’t come with an immediate world-wide holiday, as we could probably all use a break! Alas, the media machine keeps a chugging, and so for short-lead digital stories and engaging content ideas to post across agency and brand channels, look no further than this April-inspired content themes and story angles.

1. April Fools – no doubt editors will be searching for the best brand pranks – so it’s worth a discussion to see if any clients are up to the task. Agency-side, why not announce a new “Meerkat Talent Division,” or you’re excitement over the new print magazine, “Influencer,” and see if you can catch a rise out of anyone!

2. Festival Season – Coachella is upon us yet again and with is, heaps of opportunities to place fashion, accessories and beauty stories around the top looks sure to be spotted at everyone’s favorite fashion (I mean, music) festival. Even if you’re not attending yourself, a Coachella dress up day in the office makes for some engaging, out of the box Insta-content.

3. Go Green – April is traditionally the month for print magazines to focus on eco-friendly brands, and while those deadlines have long-passed, digital editors will be on deadline across a multitude of angles like Earth Day (April 22). Have your eco-minded client write an op-ed about greenwashing, promote the sustainable new fabric or recycled zippers used by your apparel client, or take a pledge and switch to all natural office cleaning products.

4. #whomademyclothes – join the conversation spearheaded by the global initiative Fashion Revolution during Fashion Revolution Week (April 23-39) and participate in important dialogue about the less glamorous side of the fashion industry. For more ways to get involved with the Fashion Revolution movement and plan your own content, check out our article with Roxanne Houshmand-Howell, Head of Brands and Partnerships at Fashion Revolution.

5. CBD/Hemp as an ingredient – with Earth Day and “4/20” upon us, CBD-infused cocktails, beauty serums. hemp apparel and more have an easy tie-in to April lifestyle stories.

6. Wear Pajamas to Work Day – mark your calendars now, Monday April 16 just became your new favorite day of the year. And, if have any lounge/sleepwear clients, you know what to do.

7. April Showers – rainy day stories sent at just the right time (consult weather app before pitching) can make for great regional or even national content. Cute umbrellas, galoshes, waterproof mascara, phone protectors, all work well for product stories focused on helping readers stay dry without sacrificing style.

8. A girl’s best friend –  The birthstone for April is the diamond, opening up jewelry stories of course, but diamond-patterns would work here as well.

9. Spring Style – now is a great time to pitch for spring style slideshows to yes, bring out the florals, the bright garden-inspired colors, vibrant hues and peep-toed heels out for consideration.

10. April Ludgate Day – sure Parks & Rec is no longer on the air, but why not host “April Ludgate Day” in the office? Have everyone work on their best Audrey Plaza deadpan, order a bunch of cheap wigs on Amazon, hold a group discussion about the evolution of the character’s (and each others’) #workstyle and leave the phone off the hook (well, at least for an hour). Group sing alongs to “Time After Time” are encouraged.

Good luck and happy pitching!


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