New Course! Get Crystal Clear on Your PR Career with PRISM

While I love and appreciate the adage, “it’s PR not ER,” the career horror stories that make it into my inbox tell a pretty gruesome story about how rough it can be out there for young PR pros. The biggest challenge as I see it is that publicists are moving at such a frenetic pace that they simply don’t have the extra space to slow down and offer support and guidance to the newest crop. This results in aspiring publicists feeling confused, stressed and unclear, and more experienced PR pros feeling frustrated when interns or coordinators “just can’t figure it out.”

Become the success story in your life!

So, I’ve decided to step in a bit and offer a virtual program called PRISM. I’ve planned engaging group coaching and hands-on opportunities to upgrade your communication skills and define your personal brand.  I’ll also be helping you to identify your strengths and favorite tasks, so you can chart a course for career success while sharing the intuitive strategies I have used to turn my own work life frown upside down.

Establishing an intentional, self-directed career path feels great, and we’re going to work on that. Finally, we’re creating the first PR Girl Community, setting up a framework to build the long-term relationships and spirit of collaboration that are essential to long-term career success.

PR Girl Care packages and bonus calls with some of the baddest PR boss babes in the business round out the fun.



Please take a look at what I’ve created. If this is just what you’ve been looking for, then I’m looking right at you!