Get Crystal Clear on Your PR career with PRISM.

You need a little help breaking in and standing out so you can land an incredible job in PR.

PRISM is our signature program for aspiring PR professionals. After taking the course, hundreds have secured positions working with top agencies, brands and editorial, over and over again.

Love letters from PRISM alumni:

"Before taking PRISM, I was unsure of how to begin my career in PR. Now I feel confident and educated. I'd recommend PRISM to anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of PR and looking to grow in their domain. In particular the assignments helped me to learn more about myself and the importance self-marketing , resulting in a better understanding of how PR works in the fashion industry."
-Nadine Zerouki
“Before taking PRISM, I knew I wanted to work in PR, but I didn't know why, or how, or what I would do to differentiate myself or my clients. PRISM has helped me to zero in on my talents, focus on developing my weaknesses, and become a PR machine”
- Angela Hathaway
“Before taking PRISM, I didn't feel part of a/the PR community. Now I feel part of a group of women who share my passion. I also feel like I can reach out for professional support anytime. I recommend joining the PRISM community for professional development at any stage of your career. I'm a mid-level professional and I enjoyed reviewing familiar career tasks. The course also enhanced my skill set and help streamline my professional goals.”
-Angelique Westerfield
“I was struggling with defining my personal brand and focus as a publicist. Now I feel secure, prepared and confident about my public relations abilities. I'd recommend PRISM to anyone looking for clarity and purpose within their career path. Through PRISM and access to Crosby, I landed my first celebrity client!”
-Tamisha Monet
“Before taking PRISM, I was SUPER motivated and excited to start my own boutique firm, however, I was very hesitant and afraid to fail. Now I have taken the steps to start and have even began the process of securing my first client. I'd recommend PRISM to anyone looking to find their WHY in this business. PRISM was also a great way to network with other PR girls and build great friendships with fellow PRISMADONNAS! I am so happy I participated in PRISM because it resulted in me to go after my dream to retain a paying client!”
-Kacy Galisdorfer
“PRISM helped me define who I am and what that means for my personal brand. I loved how the introspective assignments and prompts helped me to develop a strong sense of what mark I want to leave in the PR world.”
- Lauren Elizabeth
“I loved PRISM and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about pr in general or felt like their college courses were not as niche as they would have liked. Before PRISM I knew I wanted fashion pr but I did not know how to go about it and I felt lost when it came to structure. After taking the PRISM course I have a clear vision of my future and know the steps I need to take getting there. I also feel like I have a support system which is HUGE in the pr world.”
-Miranda Honnoll
“PRISM was the perfect educational experience for me and my business. It helped me map out a blueprint for the year ahead. PRISM gave me the confidence boost that I needed to pursue a major career change. I felt better informed and truly understood my WHY, after taking the course. Purpose matters to me and PRISM helped me refine and articulate my purpose.”
- Nichole Anderson
“My biggest a-ha moment was in the first module. Talking about yourself can be the hardest thing to do and sometimes it's because you haven't fully found yourself or you don't know your personal brand. This made me dig deep and voila! I found gold. Prism helped me develop a sense of urgency and honestly lit a fire under my behind as well as in my heart! I found myself, found my skills, found my team and found my action plan! There's more "doing" in my life now that I've done the thinking! I'd recommend PRISM to anyone wanting to grow from the inside out or anyone who needs inspiration/motivation.”
- Emily Maldonado
“Before taking PRISM, I was extremely unsure of my future in the PR world. Now I feel confident and ready to break into the PR world with valuable knowledge. I'd recommend PRISM to anyone wanting to learn more about PR. Even if you aren't in the Fashion PR world, this course will benefit you more than you can imagine!”
- Madison Spence
“Before taking PRISM, I had a background in public relations, but not much in fashion public relations specifically. After taking the course I feel more confident applying for jobs at some of the top fashion public relations agencies. I'd recommend PRISM to anyone looking to find their "why" or anyone on the fence about the fashion or public relations industry. This course validated that I am in the right field and working towards something I am truly passionate about, now I have a certificate and the skills to prove it.”
- Vanessa Berentsen
“Before taking PRISM, I had what I thought was a pretty firm idea on the direction I wanted to go in to embark on my PR journey. However, it wasn’t until until Crosby introduced the "Find Your Why" and "Personal Brand Prism" exercises was I really able to hone in on exactly what it was that I wanted from my career, and create a plan to get me there. A million thanks!”
- J'Maica Thomas
“Before taking PRISM I was a bit lost on what direction I wanted to take with public relations. I'd fully recommend PRISM to anyone looking to figure out their path in PR or simply learn more about their passion and strengths for this industry. The strategic depth of the program allows you to grow and flourish as each week advances, bringing a clear vision of yourself into your strengths & development. In particular, the weekly assignments helped me to create a plan for my career, resulting in me feeling more confident about my future in public relations. PRISM was a huge stepping stone for me and has brought so many opportunities to light, that I now can feel confident in pursuing.”
- Stephanie Barchetti
“PRISM couldn't have come at a better time for me! I signed up right as I graduated from college and was looking to go from interning to entry level PR. PRISM gave me the tools and confidence to take that next step. It was awesome to be in a close community with not only Crosby but other PR Girls who were going through the same transition as me.”
- Morgan Hough