Quiksilver Launches New Line With Summer Stories Contest


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“We wanted Summer Stories to be fun and interactive and to make it easy for our fans to share their stories and photos. We believe that the online space holds an infinite amount of opportunities for us to spread our brand message and communicate with our fans.”- Anna Sherwood, Marketing Manager, Quiksilver Womens

One of the most exciting projects I have been working on lately is the social promotion of Quiksilver’s new women’s line, primarily though the development of a Facebook contest that collects Summer Stories, in photo, memoir, poem or fiction form, for potential inclusion in a limited-edition book. The Summer Stories book be available come summer and every entry included in the book will also win $250 to shop.  With the deadline for the contest coming up on Friday (midnight PST!), I wanted to encourage a few extra entries – and share a few insights into the process of developing this campaign.

Quicksilver Summer Stories

Lately, I’ve been having conversations about social brands, as opposed to brands that use social media. To me, one of the markers of a social brand is one that executes on ideas that have both online and offline components, with multiple touch points.  Luckily, Quiksilver agreed, and we quickly went to work on an idea that would not only drive fan acquisition and awareness of the new line, but incorporate the creative contributions of those fans into a unique final product the Quiksilver customer could hold in her hands, filled with stories and photos that fit the modern coastal classics vibe of the new collection.

“We felt the best space to build online awareness for our new line was to engage our target customer through our Facebook page,” explains Anna Sherwood. “The multi-media story contest engages the creativity and unique perspectives of the international Quiksilver Womens fan. Promoting the contest through Facebook advertising, our blog, media, media events and bag stuffers have successfully driven entries, impressions and social sharing.”

Quiksilver Summer Stories Contest

During the recent launch party at the SOHO store, Quiksilver promoted the contest by asking bloggers to write in their own “Summer is…” statements on a chalboard as part of the photo booth at the event. Cute, no?

While story submissions are only being accepted through Friday, the next phase of the contest is choosing a selection of entries and making those available to be voted into the book as fan favorites, to further involve participants, friends, family and other fans in part of the editing process. Anna adds, “The focus on taking the digital entries to create a beautifully printed, tangible book that she can stick in her beach bag come summer, really puts the focus on the Quiksilver lifestyle, bringing the project full circle and back to the physical experience of the brand.”

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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