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Fashion PR isn’t Just a Career. It’s a Lifestyle. You Know This.

How many things are you working on, right now? Hells bells, child, you do a lot.

Point being, you are far too focused on navigating this seemingly never-ending changing media landscape, planning events, negotiating partnerships, dealing with crazy (but lovable) clients. and the business of, well, being in business, to do everything. At least without losing your mind every second Tuesday. Now, why is that so hard to remember?

Welcome to PR Couture. Your Virtual Business Partner.

From our weekly industry round ups to inspirational interviews with your peers, plus new vendors, apps and strategies to add to your arsenal, our content is designed to help you do what you do, better.  And to love what you do, harder.

To help you cut through nearly 10 years of content, and identify exactly how PR Couture can best serve, support and celebrate you, we’ve put together this mini kickstart guide.

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2. Required Reading

We’re not here to add anything to your plate, but here are 9 articles we think are definitely worth a look.

 2. Extra Credit

Hey now, that Type A is showing (and we love it!). Ready to outfit your office with the right people, right clients and yes, even decor?

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