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More about me?

I’ve worked in-house, freelance, and agency-side for fashion, accessories, lifestyle and consumer brands; I went from being an assistant account coordinator (one teeny step above an intern) to creating and leading an award-winning social media department before making PR Couture and a small consulting practice my full-time business.

I have a pretty good track record of turning job interviews into job offers (I’ve gotten almost every PR job I applied for) and a great instinct when it comes to hiring top talent that are a fit for me and my business (my last assistant stayed with me for five years).

I started PR Couture because I wanted to share what I was learning about fashion PR. And because frankly, I wasn’t getting that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for career insight or support. It’s become my mission to ensure that PR Couture readers never feel lost or without expert-level advice.

This resume + cover letter refresh is just one of the ways I’m stepping up to provide you with expert insight you need to succeed in your career.

Landing your dream job doesn’t have to be so hard. Let me help!