San Diego Fires: Fashion + Craft Fundraiser


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PR Couture is headquartered in San Diego, and we are thankfully located in one of the only places left in the county that isn’t on fire. However, dear friends, clients, colleagues and loved ones have not been so lucky. To stay updated on the latest news, evacuations etc, visit the KPBS Twitter site, which is being updated constantly.

Our dear friend Marimello has used her craft brilliance to create Witch Fire, a blog that is dedicated to raising funds to benefit victims of the San Diego fires. Please assist her through the donation of craft and fashionable items which will be raffled off to those who contribute to relief efforts. Her message is below.

My family all lives in San Diego and 15 of them have been evacuated from 7 of their homes. It’s crazy and since I can’t really do much personally, I thought I would set up a collective to raise money for charities in SoCal. I am looking for donations of items that are like less that $5, anything bigger will be put into a raffle. I will draw names from a pool of anyone who contributes, buys, or just sends in a good contribution story will be entered.

Contact me if you can help! I am figuring out the logistics, and everything right now, so I want to see how much support I can drum up before I go totally nuts operating this thing. Thanks sooooooo much. There are a lot of people and critters out there who can use the help!