San Francisco Fashion and Merchant Alliance Seeking Board Members


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San Francisco Fashion and Merchant Alliance is looking for members and Board of Directors alike to come on board. SFFMA is a non-profit round table forum supporting the emerging indie fashion industry in the bay area to promote healthy economic relationship between local merchants and fashion designers. The Board(s) has responsibility for the overall stewardship of SFFMA.

It has a duty to protect the long-term interests and direction of the organization, safeguard SFFMA’s assets and to practice due diligence in its decision-making. The most important job of a board is supporting the executive director to ensure that excellence is maintained in carrying out the organization’s mission, goals and objectives. Board areas of discussion: * Leadership * Management (including initiative and follow-through) * Planning (mission and vision, assessing needs) * Program implementation * Fiscal reporting & budgeting * Fundraising * Communication and public relations * Professionalism