Agency Essentials Bundle Special


Ideal Client Worksheet: First things first, let’s get super clear on your ideal client, what she needs and how she will know you are the right solution. This worksheet + content marketing ideation doc will help you effectively nurture leads into clients. ($97 value)

PR Plan Template: When it’s time to put together a strategic plan, you’ll love how this template, based on the RPIE framework (research, planning, implementation, evaluation) ensures your strategies map back to business objectives. ($97 value)

Campaign Brief: For client work that is more project-based, or new product launches or other initiatives with a firm start and end date, run your creative ideas through our Campaign Brief to ensure a buttoned up program from start to finish. ($97 value)

Plan of Action Template: Once that plan is in play, it’s time to make sure that the implementation phase goes off without a hitch. Our POA Template will help you effectively manage client initiatives to stay on time and on budget. ($47 value)


Media Outreach Tracker: Pitches are going out people! Use our Media Outreach tracker to stay organized around pitches, follow ups, sample sends and more. ($27 value)


Monthly Activity Report Template: Coverage is coming in! Get ready to celebrate your wins alongside your client with this MAR Template to categorize secured and pending coverage. ($27 value)



Get everything right now for only $27




Media Training Prep > Make sure your clients are ready to stay on message with our media training checklist ($17 value)


Letter of responsibility > Sending out spendy samples you absolutely need returned? Use our pull letter template to get a credit card on file before you ship ($17 value)