Email Pitch Scripts: 5 Editor / Press Templates


Ready to professionally pitch your brand, event (or yourself!) but not sure what to say?

Instead of getting frustrated fine-tuning your message in a way that inspires action among editors, sponsors and partners, try these handy email templates, designed to help you craft clever, concise and reply-worthy communication.

The DIY Pitch Templates for Media + Partner Outreach includes 5 scripts developed by the PR experts at PR Couture that you can easily personalize and send. Let’s cross one more thing off your to-do list!

This instant download is a pretty PDF with email scripts for when:

  1. You’re reaching out to the media for the first time and need to totally wow them right away
  2. There’s an event coming up and you’re in charge of securing sponsors, donated product or in-kind partners and need them to say YES!
  3. It’s time to spread your message as a professional speaker and you’re ready to book a gig
  4. You’re an expert with something to say and want to contribute an article to an industry publication
  5. You have an influencer collaboration concept and you need your top influencers to get on board

How it works:

Our team has taken some of our most effective pitch emails and turned them into templates! Just highlight the copy inside the PDF that you need and paste it into your email window. Then, simply fill in the blanks and tweak the language to fit your voice and press send!