Email Pitch Scripts: 5 Influencer Outreach Templates (+ Sample Contract)


It’s now or never when it comes to rooting your brand awareness and communication mix with influencer marketing practices.

According to studies and research interest in the term influencer marketing skyrocketed 90x from 2013 to 2016 and nearly duplicated in the first nine months of 2017. How about that for influence and impact?

Avoid getting left in the dust or mulling over your fear of not knowing how to navigate this modern channel with handy email templates that will make reaching out to influencers a breeze.

Move forward with full steam ahead and confidence by mastering the art of influencer outreach for your PR/marketing campaign plans.

Simply add your personal flavor to the suggested email scripts and resources to maximize their use.

In this kit, you’ll find copy + paste emails for the top 5 most requested templates for influencer outreach from our community.

  • Influencer Collaboration Invitation
  • Collaboration Specifics/Next Steps
  • Influencer Event/Destination Participation Request
  • Polite Follow-up on Outstanding Deliverables
  • Influencer Thank You + Please Make X Update

Plus, we’ve included outlines for what to include in your Project or Creative Brief, Influencer Agreement/Contract and 3 of our most popular articles from Shopping Links on Influencer Marketing – “Improve Influencer ROI,” “Influencer Collaborations on a Tiny Budget,” and “Get more ROI from Influencer Content.”