Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR – Signed Copy


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Ready to Launch is an information-dense, fun-to-read adventure through the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of public relations in the fashion industry. Written particularly for those just getting started (public relations undergraduates, entry-level practitioners), Ready to Launch is the only career guide tailored specifically for aspiring fashion PR professionals.

A definite must-read for anyone considering a career in fashion PR, marketing or a related field, the book charts the course from education to internships and interviews, touching on personal branding, reputation management and setting a long-term career vision for ongoing success.

Easily secure your first fashion PR internship or entry-level job

Get step by step advice from dozens of fashion PR professionals on how to find and land a position, plus the secrets to making an impression and getting promoted quickly! Get contact information for top LA and NY agency hiring managers and learn how to uncover under-the-radar job opportunities most people don’t know about.

Determine which fashion PR opportunity is right for you

From in-house in New York, to freelance fashion show production in Australia, showrooms in Canada and agency life in Los Angeles, learn directly from fashion PR practitioners all over the globe about the different paths available. Read about the pros and cons of each option as well as what you can expect from the fast-paced, creative field that is fashion public relations. Plus, prepare to be inspired by a variety of opinions on the “do I have to move to New York to work in fashion PR” quandary.

Head into interviews poised, prepared and clear-headed – you got this!

Ready to Launch is your VIP, front-fow ticket to fashion PR! Just imagine going into every interview completely prepared, feeling and looking great! With a handy glossary of industry terms and interview questions from more than twenty hiring managers, as well as tips on presentation, personal branding, social media tools and career goal-setting, there is no way to not rock this!

Give yourself a big I love you hug and make the decision to invest in your future with Ready to Launch! You deserve to have access to this information.

Ready to Launch offers 130-pages of inspirational, practical & actionable insights

Get answers to your burning fashion PR questions like:

  • The difference between PR, Marketing & Advertising
  • What to expect from a career in fashion PR
  • Title and salary information
  • How to get noticed for the job you want
  • Actual job interview questions from top Fashion PR agencies
  • Contact information for top NYC and LA fashion PR agencies
  • How to use Twitter as a job search tool
  • Identifying personal goals and a career vision to carry you into the future
  • Glossary of fashion PR terms

“Ready to Launch gives so much insight into the world of fashion PR. From education, internships, landing that must have entry level position, going freelance or even starting your own PR agency. This book has it all and I couldn’t put it down! It was as if Crosby was right there talking about the ins and outs of this fast-paced, intense and creative industry. After a few internships and now reading this amazing book, I’m ready to launch my career in fashion PR!” -Laura Perez