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Unless you’re living in Kimmy Schmidt’s old bunker, you know that Snapchat has quickly become the “it girl” in a sea of social media apps. In fact, the yellow and white icon is so hot right now that 76% of Millennials use the platform daily. And as any social strategist knows, you have to make friends with the “it girl” if you want to sit at the cool table.

At Beach House, we want you to sit with us, so we’re sharing our favorite 3 ways to incorporate Snapchat into your social media marketing strategy to generate buzz (and hello, sales) for your fabulous portfolio of clients.

Run a Snapchat Contest

As social media apps continue to step up their digital game, it is so important to strategize contests accordingly. As of now (and NOW is all that matters), Snapchat is the hottest platform to build brand awareness and increase sales with contests. One brand that has successfully utilized Snapchat to host a contest is Sephora.

In order to participate in Sephora’s Snapchat contest, @Sephora’s 6.6 million IG followers were encouraged to add the brand on Snapchat, take a #selfie, and draw fake eyebrows on themselves through Snapchat’s doodle feature. Contestants were then directed to upload their finished image on IG with the hastag #SephoraSnapsSweeps. Genius!

How to run a Snapchat Takeover

Invite Influencers for a Takeover

Savvy social marketers, listen up. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to target younger, engaged audiences, try a Snapchat takeover. With the right social media influencer in play, a Snapchat takeover has the potential to increase brand awareness in a way that feels like entertainment, rather than marketing. For best results, plan your brand’s takeover around exclusive events, product launches, or other unique experiences. And seriously…this strategy works. Remember when popular cosmetics producer Shiseido partnered with lifestyle and beauty blogger Jen Chea (@frmheadtotoe)? The takeover resulted in 100,000 impressions on Shiseido’s Snapchat. #slay.

Do Snapchat Surveys

One of our favorite makeup brands, Urban Decay (*insert praise hands emoji here*) is KILLING it on Snapchat right now with Screenshot Surveys. But wait, what is a Screenshot Survey? First, followers are prompted with a question and then asked to ‘screenshot’ their pick, or signal a ‘yes’ answer with a screenshot. Simple enough, right?

Urban Decay surveys are designed to entertain. Most recently, they asked viewers to select a favorite product in 3 categories – lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. After calcuating the results, the follow-up Snapchat story featured a makeup artist applying the winning products to a model. All in all, activating a Screenshot Survey is a great way to see which products are working for your brand in addition to building brand affinity and engagement.

So there you have it. Who runs the [digital] world? Snapchat.

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We’d love to see the exciting contests, takeovers, and Screenshot Surveys that you activate moving forward!

Elin Van Atta

Elin Van Atta

Elin Van Atta is a social media specialist at Beach House where she focuses on growing brand awareness and engagement for a variety of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. While always keeping her eye on for the hottest digital trends, she thrives on creating rad content and creative copywriting for her clients. When she's not busy tweeting, placing Facebook ads or studying analytics, Elin can be found running on the beach, trying to be Beyoncé, or traveling with friends...always with a cup of coffee in hand.