[Sponsored] Meinto Provides Local Boutiques and Shoppers an Easy Online Fix


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Many local brick & morter shops are behind the times when it comes to selling and promoting online. Small business owners view the transition to eCommerce as time-intensive, costly and complicated. Meinto, who launched in the United States in November 2011 after a successful run in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, understands these challenges as well as the financial importance of keeping local boutiques afloat. They also know that today’s online shopper has a short attention span. As a solution, the site provides independent shops the tools to quickly set up an online storefront. With more than 2500 products, ranging from women’s and men’s clothes to accessories, it’s more than 700,000 unique monthly visitors also have one-stop shop that also acts as a great way to discover what’s trending and popular across the country.

Fashion PR Girl Must-Haves

Sometimes it’s fun to take off the business tiara and just shop! Here are a few products on Meinto perfect for the fashion PR girl.

Cat Sleeve Dress My Beloved

Cat Sleeve Dress from My Beloved

Tye Pant Lucy Agnes Couture USD $ 250.00  Tye Pant from Lucy Agnes Couture @ www.meinto.comTye Pant Lucy from Agnes Couture

Sequin Dress Aryn KSequin Dress from Aryn K

Straight Ruffle Dress Minuet

Straight Ruffle Dress from Minuet

Silk Button Down Shirt Dress Lorie LesteSilk Button Down Shirt Dress from Lorie Leste


Starting today through March 19, Meinto is giving away a $100 gift card on Facebook.