With Influencer Marketing now a mainstay of the modern digital marketing mix, agencies are tasked with staying ahead of a rapidly changing and increasingly regulated component of brand awareness and growth.

We’ve partnered with Shopping Links to bring their expertise managing global influencer campaigns to you.

In this 5 article series, Shopping Links CEO Kim Westwood explores how to ensure you are working with the right influencers for the greatest long-term benefit. Click here to learn more about Shopping Links.

5 Article Series

Tis the season: Improve Influencer ROI

Achieving Big Results with Small Budgets

Big Results Small Budget

The 40 Influencers You Need to Know in 2018

Set Expectations: Your Campaign Checklist

Get More Value from Influencer Generated Content

Shopping Links is the leading influencer and content marketplace for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, making it easy for marketers and publicists to connect and collaborate with bloggers and social media influencers. With Shopping Links, a brand or agency can easily identify influencers, manage communications, make payments and track the results of their influencer campaigns, allowing them to see a greater ROI on individual campaigns and stronger long-term influencer relationships.
Our service options include:

  • Product Seeding with guaranteed results
  • Self-serve paid collaborations starting at just $79
  • Fully managed collaborations for long-term campaigns
  • Content Gallery access to purchase influencer content for campaigns

Our network includes 14,000+ influencers from 117 countries, each personally vetted for authenticity and content quality.

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