Struggling in your PR Career? Here are a Few Things that will Help

Professional development and a healthy dose of inspiration are both important parts of designing a PR career that you love. If you’re struggling to land a paying PR job, or aren’t too happy with the one you’ve got, we’ve rounded up 8 resources to help you out in your time of need.

1. What skills PR agencies are looking for

What it’s about: The CEO of the Riviere Agency shares 5 things she wants entry-level candidates to bring to the table.

Read it when: It’s time to accept that your degree might not be enough to stand out. Be prepared to expand your skill-set while you’re on the job hunt with skills every PR agency owner looks for in an entry-level applicant.

2. How to land paid work through volunteering

What it’s about: Social media consultant Amanda Nelson explains how volunteering led to a booming client list.

Read it when: Your job search is going nowhere and you’re desperate for a way to hone your craft while impressing potential future bosses.

3. How to make your resume stand out

What it’s about: Gossip & Glamour CEO Sydney Mintle explains how new grads can stand out in a pile of resumes.

Read it when: You’re sending out resume after resume with no response.

4. How to make LinkedIn work harder for you

What it’s about: Discover the SEO tricks that will make your profile pop on LinkedIn and capture the attention of potential clients, recruiters, and agency owners.

Read it when: Coffee dates and informational interviews aren’t yielding much traction and it’s time to truly build out your online presence to attract new opportunities your way.

5. How to succeed as an independent contractor

What it’s about: The crucial steps to consider before stepping out on your own as a freelance publicist.

Read it when: The idea of foregoing the corporate world entirely is becoming an ever-increasingly attractive proposition.

6. Positive habits that make a big difference

What it’s about: Harrison Lee Morgan outlines daily habits to boost your professional acumen.

Read it when: You’ve fallen into a job search routine that is more exhausting than empowering and need some new ideas on how to best use this time.

7. Ready for your next step?

What it’s about: Danika Daly shares her tips on moving up the PR ladder and landing that promotion.

Read it when: You’re getting ready to have that conversation with your boss.

8. What you should be doing, right now, to level up.

What it’s about: Rebekah Epstein ruminates on the steps required to continue to grow professionally, with or without that new shiny job offer.

Read it when: You need a swift kick in the pants to do what’s necessary to succeed – on your terms.

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