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Vanessa Vogel Vogel10

Vanessa Vogel believes you only need ten versatile pieces to make a wardrobe — she created Vogel10 to feature high quality, off-beat basics and essential accessories at more affordable prices. The name is Vogel is no doubt familiar, Vanessa was formerly one-half of ParkVogel, a range of a luxurious cashmere, cozy intimates and to-die-for T-shirts, and Vogel10 is an edited version of wear-anywhere similar threads – cashmere, viscose and pima cotton all make appearances.

Vanessa is also a former costume designer who dressed many celebrity actresses, actors and hundreds of background talent in films such as My Own Private Idaho, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Good Will Hunting and Indecent Proposal. In the Vogel10 blog, this eye for dress against adventuresome backgrounds is evident. Posts feature beautiful people who “take our clothes around the world and document all the lovely places they show up,” like Camille to brought Vogel10 to the South of France.

Vanessa Vogel Vogel10

The Vogel10 concept surrounds ten perfect items to wear every day or, the ten pieces that you’d throw into your suitcase if you only had ten minutes to pack! Vogel10 is sold exclusively online. PS. The Fall Collection is currently 35% off through November 2!

Interview with Vanessa Vogel of Vogel10

Vanessa Vogel, Fashion Designer

What was the impetus for starting Vogel10? How long did it take you to launch (from concept to launch)?

The impetus for starting Vogel10 was a need for change.
I wanted to start a brand that was simple, but that had momentum behind it– that is why I decided to use travel as a central theme in the brand.
I worked with Justina at Compai Creative to brainstorm and develop a visual identity. We started in October– we made mood boards over coffee, scoured the web and shops for inspirations, we event went to London to get new ideas and we just kept at it until it made sense.

Who is the target Vogel10 customer?

25-65 anyone who strives to have an easy and functional wardrobe, while always looking chic.

How is it different working solo versus with a partner?

Working solo can be a bit lonely at times but making decisions without a lot of consultation is faster.

What is your overall launch strategy?

My Launch strategy was to keep my existing online clientele from parkvogel and branch out to include new customers as well, including my very large international client base. Part of the strategy was also to keep things simple: 10 pieces each month. I would love to open a retail store next year here in L.A. built around the same concept.

Any initial successes you are excited about?

A handful of celebrity clients and putting out a collection that I actually wear every single day are both very exciting!

What have been some of the most successful uses of PR you have experienced during your career?

Daily Candy has been a very effective for the launch of both parkvogel and vogel10.

How has social media changed your launch approach with Vogel10?

We are definitely trying to create a relationship with our Facebook and twitter users, we love all of the feedback we get about the clothes. Also, with our clients moving and shaking all over the’s really fun to see where the clothes go.

What are your weekly must-reads?

NY Sunday Style section,

When do you think it makes sense to hire a PR agency or PR consultation?

It always makes sense if you can afford it.
As someone who travels often and is always living half our of a few suitcases, I love the idea of a travel line. What are your packing tips? What do you travel with?

Here at Vogel10, we say “Pack Light, Travel Far!” You should travel with as little as you can, as comfortably as you can, while looking the best you can. I think it is important to travel with a bit of style, you really don’t want to be an “Ugly American” so its good to be chic…it’s much more fun. I like to travel with very thin pieces that can be layered and also can be washed and will dry overnight.

Besides your website, where can fans purchase Vogul10?

Anyone can come down to the studio if they are in downtown LA. Just call before you stop by!

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