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Inside Scoop: Cameo PR’s Dreamy Decor on Madison Ave

As publicists we are constantly inviting others in to our space. Designers, editors, stylists, writers…we hold press previews and meetings, invite guests for coffee or cocktails, our work is non-stop and so is theirs. We needed a place that was inviting, accommodating and makes everyone feel like they’re right at home.

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News & Events

The Rise of the Fashion Film: Armani and Dior Unveiled

After releasing a teaser via Facebook and twitter posts, today Armani unveiled short films statrring Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Dior’s new film starring Jude Law (directed by Guy Ritchie) has more that 200k YouTube views. Of course, not every designer has celebrity glamazons and mega-directors at their disposal – but it does provide enough eye-candy to brainstorm with, yes?

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