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Now that your own gift guide pitches are starting to pop up all over the web (congratulations!), behold 18 different gift ideas, organized by those most important of categories – your team, your partners and duh, yourself. We kept pretty much everything under $100 so ho ahead and gift those loverly people who keep the crazy PR carousel turning in your world. 

Gifts ideas for your team

Life's a Spritz

What's not to love? The Misti portable diffuser from Gurunanda comes in rose gold, smells delicious and is the perfect desk accessory. The Misti uses silent, ultrasonic waves to surround your stressed out co-workers with aromatherapy.

Custom Buzz

Our favorite thing about Tervis is that you can customize anything. Stainless steel coffee mugs are a PR essential, so why not customize with your agency logo, individual social handles, or that hilarious inside joke you're still laughing about. Instant solidarity. If you're too exhausted to be creative, we love this studded travel mug.

Stick Together

From smoothing down that gosh darn lapel to saving the day during those inevitable on-set wardrobe mishaps, the Style Stick is on call to answer all outfit woes (and then some). They'll wonder how they got along without it, and have only you to thank.

Get Lit

These days, teeth whitening just comes with the territory, so why not make it easy (and a little hilarious) with Novashine, which allows whitening via smartphone. This is a PR Girl must - how else to make use of the never-ending conference call hold music?

Blend Well

It's way too easy to subsist on coffee and pretzels during the week, instead of nutritious you know, actual meals. Your coworker will be overjoyed with a gift subscription to Green Blender, a premium smoothie delivery service she can blend up at the office.

Cheesy Fun

How cute would it be to gift these on-trend #Elfie sweaters to your social team? Hello holiday party photo booth WIN!

client, editor & vendor gift ideas


Código 1530 Rosa Tequila's infusion of award-winning red wine interacts with the agave in the tequila, resulting in a natural pink hue, soft finish and floral notes. Bring a bottle by to toast your favorite client.

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A card for keeps

Turn the agency holiday card on its head and send a Greetabl - we love the idea of including client Instagram posts, key wins from the year, and of course, a heartfelt thank you. If you need to add in a little something, it's easy to add some candy or a candle to the package.

Surprise Me

For a one-of-a-kind gift they'll be talking about for years, enlist the support of Surprisily to put together a custom gift box filled with social good brands. All you have to do is take a quiz about your giftee and choose your budget then Surprisily takes it from there by picking out the perfect gift, wrapping it up, and sending it out. Starts at just $25.

from one boss to another

There are a ton of subscription boxes out there, and we love the idea of keeping the gift going with recurring reminders throughout the year. Designed to :give you the tools to thrive", the brand new Boss Box is a great option for the stylish business owner in your life.

new year new scent

Sure there's that whole signature scent thing, but isn't it far more fun to have multiple options for your mood. Gift scents by Scentbird are great for men (we like the Secret Agent one as a dapper gift) and women, and the packaging is aces.

Stay Chill

Pop a bottle of champagne into one of these insulated Brino wine sleeves and you've got an instant gift for "what do I get the person with everything" quandary. We're partial to the snow white crox, but the silver glitter is a close second.

Treat YOurself!

Time to Unwind

Calm your mind, soothe your soul and get ready for the best sleep of your life (in prep to do it all again tomorrow!). This set from Goodnight Darling Co includes a Deep Detox Bath Soak, Fade to Black Herbal Tea, Black Lavender Wooden Wick Candle, and Black Lavender Body & Room Spray with infusions of soothing eucalyptus and lavender essential oils and melodic pink rose petals. Don't you already feel more relaxed?

Grown up cozy

While there is nothing technically wrong with sleeping in yoga pants from 2 years ago (or let's face it, what you wore today), there's something empowering about getting yourself a nice set of sleepwear. Everything at Raven & Crow is Raven and Crow is made with eco-friendly bamboo fabric that helps to regulate your temperature. We love this soft gray pair, but there's also a bright yellow option I'd snatch up in a moment, if I was the kind of lady who would wear yellow. Sigh.

fancy words deserve a splurge

You're a wordsmith. Don't your words deserve to be plunked out, letter by letter, on the most glamorous keyboard out there? The AZIO Retro Classic is the first retro luxury typewriter that's actually a keyboard, with mechanical keys are are tuned to be tactile and "clicky", reminiscent of the vintage typewriter.We're officially obsessed.

Hello Side Hustle

Whether this is the year to take your side-hustle full-time, or simply need to separate both ventures so fully you need a new side-hustle-only mug, this one will keep you fired up all year long.

Indulge your inner woo

The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids covers everything you need to know about the process from the basics of sacred geometry to construct crystal grids to create, heal, and manifest goals and intentions. Pre-order it now, and start your first grid on New Year's Day.

staying in is cool

Looking good gets expensive. One of the best ways to stick to your budget next year (and actually take that damn vacation) is this: pluck your own eyebrows and do your own nails. Achi tweezers are fit for royalty and their strawberry-scented gel nail polish will keep your hands model-ready, no matter what you need to awkwardly Instagram yourself doing that day.

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