The Importance of the Celebrity Stylist in Fashion PR


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zoe.jpgIn Fashion PR, stylists are like the angels standing at the gates of happily ever after. Stylists may work for a magazine, either on-staff or freelance, and put together the fashion spreads, or they might do wardrobe for music videos or commercials. Celebrity stylists in particular have the potential to give your designs those golden wings of instant credibility and consumer frenzy, or to relegate your wares to the flourescent lighting of discount-dom, all with the flippity flip of a delicate wrist.

Certain Fashion PR companies specialize in celebrity gifting, using their contacts to get your products in front of celebrities, usually in the form of gift bags that show up at award shows, or in celebration of an event, like a recent celebrity baby birth. Fashion boutique owners and PR reps also send celebrities freebies. When it works, the results are instantaneous and overwhelming. Stylists themselves have an element of celebrity all their own, as in the case of Rachel Zoe, pictured with Nicole Ritchie, who has been praised by the press, and blamed by the press, particularly for dressing all her clients the same, and espousing the virtues of the uber-skinny and the almighty visible clavicle.

For aspiring stylists, which is probably any teen girl intersted in fashion, the following Star Stylist online reality show style competition, complete with celebrity judges Mark Jacobs, Louis Johnson and Jamie Rosenthal, is sure to be of interest:

From Monday, May 14 through Thursday, May 31, aspiring stylists who are 13 years of age and older can go online at and upload a video of what they think is the perfect post-prom look. Then from Friday, June 1 through Thursday, June 14th, Star Stylist will put fans in the driver’s seat as The N’s online viewers will vote and decide who will be the final eighth contestant who gets the chance to compete for the title of Star Stylist.

The winner of Star Stylist will receive a shopping spree at an elite boutique in New York City, a top spot to attend Teen Vogue’s Fashion U and the chance to become a real-life stylist on an upcoming series on The N this Fall. Read the release.

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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