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At the end of each month we invite a member of our PR Couture Council to curate a selection of industry news, tools and other fun stuff capturing their interest at the current moment. Enjoy!

Name: Alex Perry

Title: Owner, Creative Director

Agency: Perry Rose Media

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Find us online: @perryrosemedia

5 Things About Perry Rose Media

Our Mission: Perry Rose Media is a bridal pr agency specializing in editorial content, social media management, news distribution and press features. My clients my work have been seen in top bridal media around the globe.

Get to know a few of our clients:  My current client list includes Celia Grace, Kata Banko Couture and Hyacinth Bridal. I have also worked on editorial productions with Galia Lahav, Lian Carlo and Rebecca Schoneveld.

Agency Superpower:  Making something powerful out of just a few solid resources. Beyond press, hand knowledge and experience of a bridal line’s social media, visual content, tradeshow, production/manufacturing and marketing needs and tribulations.

Recent Agency Win:  I recently hired my first intern!

Currently Working on:  I’m currently working on the back-end production (talent, location, beauty team booking, etc) for a campaign photo shoot for more new arrivals from Celia grace.

5 things about ALex

Q: Rise and shine: what are the first things you do after waking up in the morning?

I honestly admit, my first move is to check notifications on my iPhone or iPad. After that, I immediately rinse and tone my face. I used to work in prestige beauty sales, so I’m pretty keen on skincare.

Q: Sip and savor: what's your go-to drink to fuel your busy day?

Either French roast with lots of creamer or a vanilla chai latte. I also love Vital Proteins lavender lemon collagen drink mix.

Q: #Obsessed: What's something you recently discovered that you can’t live without?

I’ve been getting into podcasts a lot lately. I cant go without my Passion Planner (both for scheduling and notes).

Q: Fill in the blank: You know you work in PR when...

You get invitations to runway shows you really want to see!

Q: My Two Cents: What piece of advice do you love to share?

Be prepared to invest in your business. Capital is a game changer.  

What are 5 things on your radar?

1.Clare Press’s on-going coverage and commentary about sustainability and eco-consciousness especially with her latest on Asos for vogue Australia. We all know the truth of explorations and waste in the fashion industry, but we shouldn’t be so quick to dish out kudos for “small steps forward.”

2. “Wardrobe Crisis” book is just to the point with what’s really happening with fast fashion.

3. This podcast with Fashion Revolution’s Sarah Ditty

4. This Dash Hudson post on social benchmarks for the bridal industry

5. This article on navigating ROI with the new IG algorithm.

Thanks Alex!

Faith Dye

Faith Dye

Faith is an ambitious PR and digital marketing specialist who loves telling the stories behind amazing brands and connecting businesses with audiences who will support them. A lover of all things in the beauty, lifestyle and wellness space, when Faith isn’t working on social campaigns or securing press for clients, she’s likely reading about the latest and greatest wellness products and testing out new fitness trends.