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At the end of each month we invite a member of our PR Couture Council to curate a selection of industry news, tools and other fun stuff capturing their interest at the current moment. Enjoy!

Name: Lindsey Palmer

Title: Founder

Agency: Palmer Public

Location: Park City, Utah

Find us: @palmerpublic

5 Things About Palmer Public

Our Mission: Palmer Public supports bold brands and leading industry pioneers that influence positive decision-making and spark movements. We produce results-driven media coverage, content that connects with key audiences and brand awareness campaigns that embody viral components to get brands in front of both the right media contacts and consumer loyalists.

Get to know a few of our clients: Since launching in 2016, we’ve been fortunate enough to cultivate deep-rooted relationships with our core clients. We specialize in shining light on companies within the entertainment, business and non-profit sectors. Clients include Hunt A Killer, National Ability Center, Reynolds Polymer Technology, and your very own PR Couture, among others.

Agency Superpower: Authenticity – In this industry, you have to cut through the smoke and mirrors. Our clients truly appreciate the genuine, transparent and realistic feedback we provide. It creates a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship and has proven to be very successful for us.

Recent Agency Win: Last week we celebrated having a client shoot a live interview at the NYSE with the team at Cheddar.

Currently Looking for: Currently looking for a summer intern to assist our growing team. Email for details.

5 things about Lindsey

Q: Rise and shine: what are the first three things you do after waking up in the morning?

  1. Unfortunately, I hit snooze at least once when my alarm goes off at 6:30 am. I swear I’m a morning person, though.
  2. Morning rituals include brushing my teeth, washing my face with ice cold water and doing a quick 7-minute breathing/stretching routine.
  3. Power up my Keurig so I can fuel up for the day!

Q: Sip and savor: what's your go-to drink to fuel your busy day?

When I need a little extra boost and I’m craving something slightly sweet I turn to a triple shot vanilla latte with almond milk from Hugo’s, of my favorite local spots.

Q: #Obsessed: What's something you recently discovered that you can’t live without?

I have a few things I’m currently obsessed with right now.

1. I LOVE my salt lamps. I have two in my office and one in my bedroom. They give off that perfect calming yet empowering vibe.
2. I’m a huge walker. I love getting in a ton of steps when I’m not at my desk. I can’t live without my Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones. Your life will change once you cut the cord.
3. We’ve recently been testing the waters with Airtable in the office. I’m still digging in, but so far I’m enjoying the status, approval and assignment functionalities it offers between managers and team members.

Q: Fill in the blank: You know you work in PR when...

You just landed a huge hit for a client and five minutes later they want to know what’s next.

Q: My Two Cents: What piece of advice do you love to share?

1. Take advantage of internships and the opportunity to learn from others in the industry. Don’t be afraid to send a cold email and ask to grab coffee with an agency owner about how they got started.

2. Make your notebook your new best friend. I’ve had interns tell me they’ll remember everything I assign them in a touch-base and then I list 20 things off. It’s just not possible. Anticipate and be prepared. Bring it with you everywhere.

3. Knowing what you love to do is just as important as knowing what you hate to do. Learn the difference and let it support you in finding your dream career.

Industry-Wise, What are 5 Things on your radar?

  1. I love learning how other agency leaders establish boundaries and find a true work-life balance. In this article Andrea Mullan, the founder of Victory PR, shares her experience of juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship.  Whether you’re a mother or not, I think everyone could takeaway some productive and reassuring tidbits from this piece.

2. In PR, you have to be okay with rejection and understand that getting a “yes” or acceptance is far and few between. I appreciate Gary V’s enthusiasm in this video to inspire youth not to just shut down after being told “no” once. *Youth lecture starts around 7:30. This video has adult language.

3. Running your own business forces you to avoid living in the past and to quickly make changes to adjust to industry ebbs and flows. In this article, Richard Branson shares 11 words that confirm that exact mentality.

4. Being in the business of storytelling, I love listening to stories and hearing how people got started in their career. In this podcast interview Tim Ferriss turns the tables and interviews Katie Couric to get the scoop on her background.

5. I love to skim through top marketing campaign roundups or award lists to see what worked and didn’t work for brands of all sizes. This article summarizes the 2018 WARC 100 and shares the impactful results for a few of the top performing campaigns.

Thanks Lindsey!