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Name: nancy vaughn

Title: Principal, PR & Marketing Director

Agency: White Book Agency

Location: Tampa, Miami & Wherever There’s Wifi

Find us online: @Whitebookagency

5 Things About White Book agency

Our Mission: White Book Agency is a full-service public/media relations, marketing and special events firm serving fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, and change agents. Our goal is to enhance people’s quality of life through effective communication strategies that increase the visibility of our clients, companies and their message. We provide communications coaching and customized PR and marketing campaigns for brands across the globe, including diversity/inclusion initiatives, culture marketing, and trend research.

Get to know a few of our clients: We’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients from fashion to wellness tech; a partial list of clients includes: International Plaza and Bay Street, 83 Degrees Media, Neiman Marcus (Tampa), The 3% Movement, Tampa Bay Fashion Week, EcoTech Visions, Lisa Gilmore Design, Miami Ad School, and Drybar Tampa Bay.

Agency Superpower: We’re critical thinkers, extra resourceful and always keep it real. Our clients often say they love our questions and the way we challenge them to think differently. We’re not shy about that because it makes for better collaboration and more solutions.

Recent Agency Win: We just wrapped up 11 years for our work on a regional Fashion Week and we launched a mini-digital influencer event called, Nouveau Social.

Currently Working On: communications and media relations for the 7th annual 3% Conference. The 3% Movement is the advertising/creative industry’s leading voice for gender equality and diversity overall. This will be the first time the event will be held in Chicago and there’s a fantastic line-up of speakers including: Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest; Piera Gilardi, Refinery 29; Elizabeth Chronise McLaughlin, The Gaia Project; Wade Davis, former NFL player/diversity advocate, and 70+ more!

5 things about nancy

Q: Rise and shine: what are the first three things you do after waking up in the morning?

1. Read scripture from the Good Book/Bible. (I’ve been doing this for years and it’s a peaceful way to start my day. Plus, I’m always learning something new. Seriously, even if I’ve read it several times before, there are days where I’m just like, “Whoa!”)

2. Stretch and meditate.

3. Check my phone to skim emails, project lists (for updates), and news. Based on how things are looking (some days are as planned, some days ~ not so much; that’s the business!), I adjust the rest of the day accordingly.

Q: Sip and savor: what's your go-to drink to fuel your busy day?

Nothing too fancy ~ either water or green tea.

Q: #Obsessed: What's something you recently discovered that you can’t live without?

Totally into diffusing essential oils. It brings a calmness to my space, even if things are a little hectic. Scents I have on deck now are lemongrass and lavender. A new habit I’ve acquired, when I’m in between meetings or traveling, I pack E3Live Blue Majik on-the-go. It makes me feel like I’m doing something nice for myself.

Q: Fill in the blank: You know you work in PR when...

You can manage to think up several different ways to create a story or tell a thing, but you’re realistic enough to also know when it’s just not news. (And you have to find ways to break that uh, news, to the client.)

Q: My Two Cents: What piece of advice do you love to share?

Stay curious, ask questions and pay attention. Some things you won’t fully learn until you actually experience them or find yourself in/near the real-life situation. So be flexible and don’t let the unknown jam you up. When you’re not sure how to proceed, always err on the side of professionalism. It may seem boring at first, but the end result of maintaining professional etiquette is almost always much better than the alternative.

What are 5 things on your radar?

1.If anyone knows that things take time, it’s PR people. We want results like yesterday, too, but it doesn’t usually work that way. Good press takes time, and so do other valuable things worth doing in the world. The Call Your Girlfriend podcast episode, “Be a Good Ancestor” is a great reminder around how meaningful, change-making work takes time. (Thanks for putting this one on my radar, Kat!)

2. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” ~Rihanna and Amy Schumer. Just kidding, of course, and sorry to add to any confusion. It’s not news that activism from people and fashion brands is on the rise ~ from eliminating fur from wardrobes to no longer hiring models under 18. Not every brand is open to hopping in on controversial topics but it’s always good to do a gut check and find out where you stand on certain issues that may impact clients you work with.

3.Shut. It. Down. So you can focus, focus, focus. I’ve discussed taking mini-breaks throughout the day but this article from Aastha Singal, features staff writer with Entrepreneur, shares the benefits of doing a digital detox. 

4. Digital and social tech have impacted…pretty much everything, and fashion brands have had to review, adapt, rinse, and repeat that process constantly over the years. This report, “Measuring the Fashion World” from McKinsey is worth the read as it proposes ways the fashion world can measure progress and processes.

5. You’re voting, right? Then you should treat yourself to this Wildfang x Refinery29 collab

Thanks Nancy!