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Today I participated in a sneak preview of the new ShopVogue.TV site, which is launching in exactly one minute. I’d better type fast!

The new site is divided up into three parts – Shop, Watch, and Share. Experiencing the site through a guided webinar and conference call revealed several unique attributes:

1) ShopVogue.TV has transformed the e-commerce model, blurring the lines between fashion advertising, fashion media, and shopping. Via the Shop section, items seen in ads are instantly shoppable, make-up used in a “how-to” segment called 60 Seconds to Chic is instantly available for purchase. Unlike, ShopVogue.TV is about shopping – even their runway pics correlate directly to those pieces that made it to market.

2) ShopVogue.TV appears to have a sound grasp on the viral nature and shared function of online content. All movies are easily available to download and are meant to appear on blogs and to be shared among friends. While the site is in flash, deep linking is possible. In addition, the Share feature focuses on user-generated street fashion uploads. This aspect of the site has the potential to allow video uploads, as well as user commentary, depending on demand.

3) Most interesting to me is Behind the Lens – a series of behind the scenes access to runway shows, photo shoots etc. ShopVogue.TV’s PR reps were kind enough to answer all three of my questions, including a query about designers response/interest in this kind of access, and any potential disruptions with the glamorous, aspirational traditions of fashion advertising. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that designers are eager to promote the hard work and creativity that fuels the industry, rather than the fluff of reality TV or the stereotypes that plague the industry.

I think that it is the willingness of the fashion industry to pull back the curtain, and Vogue’s ability to bring in top names, that will prove most interesting to viewers, especially those who can’t yet afford her coveted Chloe boots! For those that can, ShopVogue.TV seems a highly enjoyable way to shop online and to be fair, not everything was over the top. I’m glad Great Lash is still the mascara of choice!

From a Fashion PR standpoint, the strategy of the webinar combined with a conference call and questions was a great way to build buzz among media (bloggers included) in a fun, interactive way. I want to thank Meredith from CooperKatz on behalf of ShopVogue.TV especially for contacting me and for being so communicative and helpful, and her partner for answering all of my questions.

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