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While our traditional understanding of SEO is not as easily executable on Facebook, you can help increase your presence on Facebook (i.e., findability) by considering the following tips to increase shares and engagement on Facebook posts.

Consider the CTA, or call to action, when writing Facebook status updates. What do you want your community to do when they see the content in their newsfeed? If you are looking for engagement beyond a like,  ask a question. To drive traffic on a shared link,  give them a taste of what’s to come and urge them to learn more. Take a look at how GQ uses CTA’s on Facebook:

KISS. Keep it short sweetie! Many Facebook users are scanning their newsfeed or even giving it a quick glance so their boss or teacher won’t find out! With this in mind, write posts that are one or two sentences. Recently, GUESS used this practice on their Facebook Page by asking a simple question that allows fans to share a bit about their lifestyle.



Look for trends. Pay attention to your community’s reaction to the different types of content. Over time, you can make tweaks to the content based on your findings. Keep in mind that the more users interact with your content, the more that content will be shared on Facebook and bubbled up to the top of newsfeeds. Also, using links and images will also help drive more impressions.

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