You are a smart, kind, kinda overwhelmed solo publicist looking to grow her PRofessional empire to multiple six-figures.

We've got just the thing, pitch queen.

the coterie

by pr couture

join our Business activator + coaching collective for independent communication consultants


coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

Does this sound about right?

let's make it happen sweet cheeks!

Come live your best (work) life as a successful, power publicist at the top of her game.

Get PRemium Coaching + Biz Resources for just a few billable hours a month

Learn the essential positioning, marketing, sales and authority-building strategies you've been missing to catapult your consulting efforts to new heights - with PR Couture Founder Crosby Noricks as your back-pocket business partner.

as a member of the coterie you will:

Let's get into it. Coterie Members enjoy:

✔️ The Coterie Vault ($1500+ value): No more starting from scratch or wasting hours on research, getting overwhelmed and walking away. Our Vault contains more than $1500 worth of pitch, career  and biz templates, marketing trainings, clarity-making worksheets and course, including PRISM.  *New trainings added quarterly

✔️ Biz Coaching on Demand ($1k value/month):  Get clarity, advice and direction straight from PR Couture Founder Crosby Noricks as much as you want, about whatever is going on, during monthly Voxer office hours 2x month. 

✔️ Quarterly Planning Retreat ($500 value/quarter): We start each new quarter with a 2-hour group planning call to deep dive into what you want to accomplish and the structures and systems you need in place to stay accountable and actually do the thing.

✔️ Quarterly Strategy Call ($250 value/quarter): Book a quarterly 30 minute biz strategy call with Crosby for a deep dive into operations, planning, mindset, marketing – you name it!

✔️ PR Couture Agency Directory ($225 value/quarter): You’ll be added to our PR Couture Agency Directory where we’ll feature your PR biz to all our followers and recommend your services.

✔️ The Coterie Clubhouse: Connect, collaborate, problem-solve and yes, commiserate, with fellow members in our private Facebook group.

✔️ Coterie-only Savings: Save big when you upgrade for more coaching, and get in on anything not available through the Coterie at a special members-only pricing, including PRCC-specific trainings. Plus! We’ve partnered with some of our favorite business-essential software and such to give you hefty discounts.

Total Value: $3.475+

Your Investment: $197/month (quarterly commitment, billed monthly)


I’m ready – sign me up

the Coterie is a quarterly commitment (this is part of the magic), so when you join you’re saying YES to 3 monthly payments to start, after which you may cancel at any time for future quarters. For those who are all in – but for whom Coterie would be otherwise cost-prohibitive – or if you’d prefer a one-time annual payment – email hello[at]


Can't shake the feeling that there is simply more out there for you opportunity and income-wise?

truth time

The relentless, results-or-else pace of client expectations makes it easy to neglect your own professional aspirations; you’re too focused on securing opportunities for others to think about your own goals for too long.

And yet, much like letting your inbox decide daily priorities, falling into the trap of only responding to what others need from you — versus showing up for yourself first — means playing second fiddle to your to-do list, forever. 

Let that sink in for a minute. Ouch. 

Things are never going to change, unless you change them.

Now, this hustle mentality isn't your fault.

We are neither taught nor encouraged to prioritize our own professional development, capacity and industry recognition.

But the truth of the matter is all the business-building strategies and tactics in the world won't work -- if they don't for you you. and running a business is more than just profit and loss - its an energetic enterprise.

Here's a really important reminder So come in close...

You are at the center of this. You call the shots.
You decide the kind of business you want to run.
It works for you or it's not a workable plan. Got it?

inside the coterie you will:

the coterie

by pr couture

Join our business activator and professional development-focused coaching collective for communication consultants.

as our imaginary bff leslie knope says, no one ever achieves anything alone.

You're going to need structure, accountability and coaching to help you bring this new way to being and business-ing to light.

Hey, it's me Crosby

Founder of PR Couture and Queen of the Coterie

I’ve spent the last decade coaching, consulting, mentoring and teaching PR professionals at all stages, leading teams in PR, social media and content strategy. I’ve worked in-house, agency-side, and freelance – and along the way I grew PR Couture from a niche fashion PR blog into a beloved industry platform and premium coaching business. I rarely work more than 25 hours a week which is even more important to me now that I’m a mom.

Along the way I’ve delivered conference keynotes, secured 4-figure speaking gigs, been flown nationally and internationally to deliver workshops, been featured in 100+ articles and podcasts, written a book, developed an award program, university curriculum and run a sold-out mastermind for boutique agency owners multiple years running.

Over the years I have learned a thing (or a zillion!) about the power and pride that comes from  intentionally and proactively deciding how you want to work, who you want to work with, and what you want to be known for.

I want you to experience the same self-confidence and freedom to design a life and career on your terms.

You too can absolutely:

How exactly?

Here’s a crash course: clarify your positioning, develop your business model,and express your unique point of view, strengths and process via a marketing and personal PR strategy that puts your expertise and signature style in front of  prospects. Ta-da! 

You’re an in-demand expert.

…and your on the fast-track when you become a member of the Coterie (didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

***Unlike other professional memberships, courses and degree programs that are out of step with the needs of today’s modern, multi-passionate communications pro, the Coterie is built on the framework of what’s needed in the market right now, and focuses on providing you with the business + marketing strategy, tools, expertise and community to ensure you stand out, stay sane and enjoy yourself – amidst the pressure.

The coterie at a glance

on call expertise

You’ll never be left not knowing what to do next (but you will be getting your very own coach for just a small fraction of the cost – you’re so smart!).

✔️ Get immediate feedback, fine-tune strategy,  discuss your business goals, and get mindset and biz coaching during 2x monthly Voxer office hours

✔️ Each quarter, connect with Crosby for a 30-min Power Session to supercharge your business growth. 

✔️Post anytime in the Coterie Clubhouse (aka our FB group) for advice and support to the greater group.

sharpen your skills

This industry is evolving too quickly for any of us to keep up with on our own. 

✔️ Quarterly masterclasses with outside experts on topics ranging from LinkedIn to Pricing will ensure you are optimizing different areas of your career and biz. All our previous trainings are available to watch on demand, as well as our Power Moves Summit 2020 sessions.

✔️ Your membership includes $1500k worth of pitch templates, ebooks, checklists and business fundamentals – stop googling until 2 a.m. and use our stuff instead!

✔️ Quarterly Planning Retreats  –  are the icing on the cake to ensure you stay committed to your goals and taking action.

promote your biz

Our platform is your platform – and we want you to leverage our industry reputation and SEO to boost yours:

✔️ Promote your business on our agency directory with a handy lead-gen form to send inquiries your way – no extra effort required

✔️ Boost your thought leadership – write for our blog, teach your own training, takeover our Instagram – put yourself out there!



the Coterie is a quarterly commitment (this is part of the magic), so when you join you’re saying YES to 3 monthly payments to start, after which you may cancel at any time for future quarters. For those who are all in – but for whom Coterie would be otherwise cost-prohibitive – please email hello[at] for sliding scale pricing.



We believe we are charting our careers in a time that invites us to be more creative, more curious and more collaborative than we have been taught to be. We believe there is room for everyone, that communication is well, pretty much everythingWe believe your voice should be heard and that passion fuels profit. We believe in collaboration over competition, strategy and mindset, and a world where there are no. basic. pitches.

If that sounds good, come join us.

the coterie


You can bring your entrepreneurial mindset, business and industry acumen to benefit you in any position – CEO or not. If you are planning on starting your own thing — of if you simply want to take on occasional freelance work — the Coterie will help you get PRepped.  From clarifying your positioning and personal brand to marketing your expertise,  you’ll be in good hands. We can chat pricing and promotion, systems and smart admin structures to help you manage it all.  Plus when you are ready to make the jump, you’ll  immediately leverage PR Couture’s traffic with your own business listing. Join us!

This is for anyone who wants to take an intentional approach to business development.  If you often find yourself wishing you could just run a quick question by someone, refine your systems and actually get to those dreams that end up at the bottom of the to-do list thanks to clients needs OR if you have been running on referrals and want to  pay some attention to your personal and business branding – join us!

Totally get it! We believe you can bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your 9-5 and see great results. While you won’t be working on a business per say, you will be working on your own personal brand, positioning and career clarity and overall skill set – which will give you move agency over your professional direction. Join us.

Yes! We have had members from Australia, South Africa, UK, Canada and Singapore! Part of the reason we moved to Voxer-based coaching versus group calls is to accommodate time differences. The materials and trainings will still apply. Join us!

the Coterie is not a one size fits all, “how to run an agency” course or group program. Our primary purpose is to help YOU develop as a business owner with attention paid to marketing/sales, client experience and personal brand/reputation-building. If you need help getting the word out about your expertise, staying focused and connected to your big vision join us! We can discuss your services, packages, pricing etc via our 1:1 coaching time. Join us!

*If you are looking for help with specifically with securing more press for clients or agency-model operations, we recommend the Pitch Lab.

Absolutely. Email and we will set up an invoice for $2264 (save $100).

Absolutely – here is a quick overview of the membership experience. All set? Join us!