You want better clients, bigger budgets, and way more work life balance.

Come live your best (work) life as an communications expert.

You are ready to ADVANCE in your career, to become the kind of PR pro regularly TAPPED for high-paying, high-impact, high-visibility opportunities for herself and her clients. The kind of life-changing opportunities that only come along when you’re one of the very best.

Excellent. Consider this your invitation.

the coterie

by pr couture

coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

the Coterie is our monthly, authority-building member + mentorship maison (that's French for house) for communication professionals destined for greatness (yes, that's you!).

It’s basically like having a VIP pass to all of PR Couture’s courses, digital resources, workshops and trainings PLUS your very own career/biz coach (and a host of brand new industry contacts).

Life inside the Coterie looks like…

  • Dream collaborations, high-ticket client inquiries and the confidence to garner jaw-dropping results thanks to your "one-to-watch" reputation, stellar personal brand and conversion-driving business and content marketing efforts (grab the mic)
  • Getting to be picky about who and what you say yes to, because your calendar is already booked, income is steady and you're in love with your current client roster (saying no, is like, no big deal)
  • Displaying true leadership as you navigate tough professional situations and personalities with ease with a communication prowess that keeps you leading with integrity (whatever is thrown your way, you get it #handled)
  • Better work-life balance because you're putting yourself first while still tending to your client PR-iorities (you've got room for relaxing AND meal prep)
  • Always having a safe place to problem solve (and vent!) thanks to your dream industry network filled with smart, driven and KIND humans to call your very own (you've found your people)

Does this ring true?


The relentless, results-or-else pace of public relations, the non-stop social media cycle and, let’s be real, competition for well-paying clients and editorial coverage make it oh so easy to neglect your own professional aspirations; you’re too focused on securing opportunities for others to think about your own goals for too long.

However, much like letting your inbox decide daily priorities, falling into the trap of only responding to what shows up — versus showing up for yourself first — means playing second fiddle to your to-do list, forever. 

Let that sink in for a minute. Ouch.

Now, this isn’t your fault – we are neither taught nor encouraged to prioritize our professional development beyond that which directly benefits the client (or the company we work for).

And yet, the very best way to ensure your own career longevity and legacy, to see your ideas put into motion, to become that trusted strategist called in to work on the very best campaigns (at a premium rate, of course), relies on your willingness to establish and stand in your expertise as a known industry expert, with a reputation that precedes you and a body of thought leadership that instantly qualifies you for the job.

So if you can’t shake the feeling you could be doing more, creating more, and yes, earning more.

It’s time to say no more, sweet cheeks. 

Take control of your career, carve your own unique, profitable path, be known for your brilliance.

Reactivity stops NOW. 

 You’re being invited to intentionally and proactively decide how you want to work – who you want to work with – and what you want to be known for.

 You’re being called to put those in-demand talents on full display and start making moves on your terms (with heaps of support, of course).

Yes finally!

Welcome to…

the coterie

by pr couture

Run by "...the publicist's best accessory (SD-UT)" PR Couture founder Crosby Noricks

coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

Give your communication skills, CAREER opportunities and industry connections a forever boost

the Coterie is a monthly membership and coaching program designed to catalyze in-demand, sought-after communications professionals into living their very best (work) life.

It’s basically like having a VIP pass to all of PR Couture’s courses, digital resources, workshops and trainings PLUS your very own career/biz coach (and a host of brand new industry contacts).

Your membership grants access to:

  • The Coterie Vault: More than $1500 worth of templates, trainings, worksheets and courses to keep you at the top of your game (with new content added monthly)
  • Biz/Career Coaching: Stay on-track with monthly one-on-one and group coaching opportunities to bust through blocks, achieve clarity and go further, faster
  • The Coterie Clubhouse: Connect, collaborate, problem-solve and yes, commiserate, with fellow members in our private FB group

***Unlike other professional memberships, courses and degree programs that are out of step with the needs of today’s modern, multi-passionate communications pro, the Coterie is built on the framework of what’s needed in the market right now, and focuses on providing you with the career strategy, tools, expertise and community to ensure you stand out, stay sane and enjoy yourself – amidst the pressure.

Hey, it's me Crosby

Founder of PR Couture and Queen of the Coterie

After more than a decade coaching, consulting, mentoring and teaching PR professionals – (not to mention my own experiences working in-house, agency, freelance and growing PR Couture) – I  want you to know that you can absolutely:
  • Become the powerful, confident leader who trusts herself and whose expertise is trusted and sought-after, no matter the economic climate
  • Develop exceptional communication strategies that yield powerful results, no matter the latest app or algorithm ​
  • Create new revenue streams and signature services that you sell easily and that align with how you work best (whether you work for yourself or somebody else)

How exactly?

Here’s a crash course: clarify your purpose, develop your profit model, prioritize press coverage and content-rich contributions across the media channels best suited to cause your audience to click for more. Ta-da! You’re an in-demand expert.

  • Success starts by getting in the room with experts and learning new marketing strategies and revisiting your skillset for improvements (yes, even your top ones).
  • Success grows by showing up, consistently and deliberately and take micro-and-massive action on your dreams (cheesy but true)
  • Success gets a super-charge by asking for help when you need it to bypass your own tendencies toward overthinking/perfectionism/people-pleasing/imposter-syndrome/playing small (take your pick - I'm quite familiar with them all)

…and it all gets fast-tracked with the Coterie (didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

Consider this your career playground

on call expertise

Whether you’re working towards that next promotion, starting a freelance side-hustle or adding CEO to your list of job titles, group and one-on-one coaching will ensure you have the strategy and resources to move from stuck and unsure to confident and kicking a**. You’ll never be left not knowing what to do next (but you will be getting your very own coach for just a small fraction of the cost – you’re so smart!).


sharpen your skills

Our industry is evolving too quickly for any of us to keep up with on our own. Monthly challenges and expert workshops invite you to go deep on a different facet of communication (quickly – we know you’re like really busy). Come learn how to write the perfect social media post, how to boost your brand with, TikTok (yes really!), pricing/salary negotiation and more.  New content each month keeps each Coterie visit fresh – and full of value.

Get sh%t done

Our workbooks, templates and resource docs and online courses are an instant time saver. Coupled with our quarterly accountability playdates (aka co-working sessions), the ability to ask for feedback and advise 24-7 in the Coterie Clubhouse, you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish with a bit of structure and focus (and new best friends!).



We believe we are charting our careers in a time that invites us to be more creative, more curious and more collaborative than we have been taught to be. We believe there is room for everyone, that communication is well, pretty much everything

We believe your voice should be heard and that passion fuels profit. We want to know what it is you want to say, who is it you want to help, and then we want to put a big, money-making megaphone right up to your words.

If that sounds good, you are always welcome in our house maison.