the coterie

by pr couture

coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

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Your membership in the Coterie provides the tools, direction and community necessary to enhance your expertise, fine-tune your focus and chart a path of professional growth, thought leadership and industry recognition. 

The coterie is $97/month. cancel anytime

The gist: It’s basically like having your own very own coach/mentor on hand to provide custom support, PLUS thousands of dollars in trainings, workshops, templates and full on courses. All for approximately .00004567% of what it would cost you a la carte.

Inside the Coterie you get:

Here’s a Preview


PRISM – our signature career course for PR professionals, covers personal branding, pitching + campaign development, career strategy + more ($497 value).

PR Accelerator – covers the basics of pitching, working with influencers and email marketing ($297 value).


Create Your Brandifesto – put this powerful story-telling device to use in support of your personal brand and client messaging ($197 value).

Negotiate This – guest workshop with HerFirst100k focused on salary negotiation and getting paid more for your work  ($97 value).


Pitch Templates – copy paste and personalize these 5 common media outreach + sponsor requests ($35 value).

Influencer Bundle – in addition to 5 key email templates for outreach and follow up, this bundle comes with a sample campaign brief and contract ($45 value).


Ideal Client Profile – get clear on exactly who you want to work with, and develop content that will have them asking, “where do I sign” ($35 value).

Media Prep – use for upcoming client PR opportunities or for yourself, our Media Prep guide will ensure you are sound-bite ready ($25 value)

the coterie

by pr couture

Join now to unlock $3,000 worth of authority-boosting trainings, resources and private business coaching

The Coterie is only $97/month. Cancel anytime.

Hey PR Pro...

A message from the founder of PR Couture and Queen of the Coterie

Companies rely on us to convey meaningful messages to audiences on a worldwide scale. They come to us with challenges and needs, looking for our strategic support, media expertise, storytelling and increasingly technical know-how.

Meanwhile, we’re facing professional challenges of our own. Digital innovation and content consumption preferences have yielded a wildly different media landscape and set of storytelling tools than just a few years ago. What used to work is no longer quite as effective, and what does work simply doesn’t have much staying power.

The lines between marketing, public relations and advertising are more blurred than ever before; we find ourselves not only focusing on press coverage, but adopting the role of content producer, social media ads manager and influencer contract negotiator. 

I think this is good – we need to define our purpose beyond simply publicity. But add those expectations to our own career goals – to lead and manage teams, to start our own thing, change industries, strike a better work life balance — well,  it’s no wonder PR  regularly ends up on those “most stressful jobs” lists.

Whether you’re starting your freelance career, creating an agency or climbing up the corporate ladder, the best way to safeguard your career AND get back to doing what you love for client who light you up is to become exceptional at what you do. And the it what I’ll help you with directly, inside the Coterie. 

Want to check in with me before you buy? Book one of my famous Coterie Quickies right here – on the house.


email to contact us directly

am i a good fit for the coterie?

If you’re asking that question, the answer is probably yes! We welcome in PR professionals (and those in related fields) working independently, in-house or agency-side. If you have any questions about your particular situation, just reach out and we’ll help you decide.

what's the time commitment?

Like anything, you get what you put in – so the more active you are and the more you take advantage of your benefits the better. The said, full participation in the monthly calls, challenges and your one-on-one coaching calls should take no more than 5 hours a month. 

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, students can sign up for a student membership (excludes coaching calls). Email for details and to register.

What about group memberships?

We don’t have the tech capabilities to automate group memberships, but for interested groups of 4 or more on a single credit-card we can make it work. Email for details.

do you make it a pain to cancel?

This isn’t Fabletics! You have full control over your membership and can do so from your account dashboard.

Do I need to work in fashion PR?

Nope! PR Couture does cater primarily to those in fashion or lifestyle communications, but inside the Coterie we accept communicators of all kinds! We believe we can all learn something from each other, and that certain best practices and industry challenges go beyond a single niche. 

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