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the Coterie is PR Couture's industry membership for mid-senior level publicists (and those in related fields) working agency or in-house.

Join us to: improve your PR and business communication skills, access our resource library of templates and trainings, get 1:1 career coaching to help you navigate your professional world, all while growing your peer network and relationships with top experts in our field.

ready to uplevel?

No matter your immediate career goal – to find your next job, get promoted at your current job, or figure out if want to go out on your own – you’re in the right place.

Inside the Coterie are the tools to elevate your skill-set, expand your connections and experience powerful personal and professional growth so you can meet and exceed your goals (with the fancy title, flush bank account and loyal following that comes with).

It’s basically like having a VIP pass to all of PR Couture’s courses and resources PLUS your own very own coach and mentor.

ready for the truth about working in PR?

This field moves at breakneck speed as we scramble to keep up with client expectations, harness media opportunities and solve for last-minute changes (are there any other kind?). 

Because of the pace and, let’s be real, competition for clients and coverage, it’s rare that we receive the mentorship, training and guidance necessary to both navigate our to-do list and tend to our professional dreams.

So we spend our days well caffeinated and working hard, trying to out-perform our latest win, have the genius idea, get the recognition and training to hustle our way up the ladder.

Even if we absolutely love the work, PR operates inside a pressure cooker of sorts – we get so used to the ever-pressing need to prove ourselves, the stress, the anxiety – that we may not even notice that we’ve lost ourselves in the process – that we are treading water when we should be the captain of our own gorgeous yacht.

Many of us got into this work because we are smart, strategic and creative AND we love helping others. And, when combined with the ways so many of us have been raised with perfectionistic, people-pleasing tendencies (raises hand), we create a dangerous recipe for deriving our worth FROM our work, our value FROM our results, where we hesitate to disrupt, to speak up, to advocate for ourselves first. 

Sound at all familiar?

We think we are alone in these challenges – that everybody else has it figured out (we are so good at turning on the charisma and smizing our way through, aren’t we). We think we should be able to solve any problem, bust through any obstacle, make the right decision, all without asking for help.

Commendable? Sure.

Sustainable? Not even a little bit.

Here’s the rub: in order to work on the career-making campaigns, negotiate the high-ticket salaries and create the kind of work-life-balance you’re craving, you need skills, strategy AND a magnetic mindset.

Here’s the secret: We all need help to learn what we don’t know AND to bust through our own mental blocks. Behind every successful business woman is a series of financial investments to learn the tools and develop the mindset necessary to take control of her professional destiny. From executive coaches, masterminds, and VIP tickets to network with other leaders – community and support ARE what it takes to become a true leaders, to have your inner landscape match your outer results.

This is what you learn to do inside the Coterie.


  • Securing consistent, results-driving wins by learning and implementing the strategies that actually work for today's landscape (hello career confidence)
  • A "one-to-watch" reputation thanks to a stellar personal brand that regularly brings dream collaborations and connections your way (grab the mic)
  • Watching your bank account get extra cushy, your vacation fund grow and, okay, your shoe collection get a little extra - thanks to finally getting paid for all these skills (see ya salary woes)
  • Successfully navigating tough professional situations and personalities with ease including asking for a raise and "crazy" clients (nothing phases you - it's #handled)
  • Total work-life balance most days because you've learned to put yourself first while still tending to your PR-iorities (you've got room for dating AND meal prep)
  • Always having a safe place to problem solve (and vent!) thanks to your dream professional network filled with smart, driven and KIND humans to call your very own (you've found your people)

Hey it's me Crosby

Founder of PR Couture and Queen of the Coterie

I'd like to be your mentor. really.

The lines between marketing, public relations and advertising are more blurred than ever before; we find ourselves not only focusing on press coverage, but adopting the role of content producer, social media ads manager and influencer contract negotiator.

Add to that our own career goals – to lead and manage teams, to start our own thing, change industries, strike a better work life balance, and it’s no wonder PR in particular regularly end up on “most stressful jobs” lists.

For more than ten years I have made it my mission to make the world of PR a bit more accessible, a bit less Devil Wears Prada-y. From writing the career bible to breaking into fashion PR (Ready to Launch) to hundreds of articles, podcast interviews, panels and keynote speeches, as well as career and business coaching, my career is showing up, day after day, to do whatever I can to help make your professional journey a bit easier (and more fun).

Our industry is evolving too quickly for any of us to keep up with on our own. 

I believe we all have something to learn from each other, that we can each be inspiration for each other, and that we are better, together. (How’s that for defying industry stereotypes?)

Curious what’s included with your membership?

coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

  • Templates, Workshops and Monthly Challenge - the Coterie vault includes every single digital product we sell on PR Couture, plus new monthly communication challenges and quarterly expert workshops on things like Personal Branding and Salary Negotiation ($2500 value)
  • As You Need it Career Coaching - Book a Coterie Quickie once a week - 20 minutes of career guidance, resources and support with me, Crosby. I can review your pitch, cover letter or help you figure out next steps on an itchy work situation.
  • New connections in our clubhouse - our effectiveness is directly tied to our relationships. Connect with your fellow members inside our private FB group and on monthly calls. These are like-minded, ambitious, kind PR pros who are serious about taking their career to the next level AND sharing what they know.

***Unlike other professional memberships, courses and degree programs that are out of step with the needs of today’s modern, multi-passionate communications pro, the Coterie is built on the framework of what’s needed in the market right now, and focuses on providing you with the career strategy, tools, expertise and community to ensure you stand out, stay sane and enjoy yourself – amidst the pressure.

Join the Coterie

for less than a fancy outfit
$ 97
  • The Coterie Content Vault ($2500+ worth of templates, worksheets, trainings)
  • Career Coaching - Book your complimentary weekly Coterie Quickie whenever you need support
  • The Challenge: Monthly Skills Training + Group Coaching call
  • Quarterly Salon Series: Guest mentors share career path + what's working
  • The Coterie Clubhouse (aka our 24-7 member forum)
  • Quarterly Playdate (aka productivity-boosting coworking call)
  • Significant savings on 1:1 coaching, events and partner offers
  • $800+ Welcome Bonus - for a limited time

Ready for total career domination?
Then come sit with us!

the Coterie is a monthly career-focused membership with instant access to workshops, trainings, templates, coaching and community so that you can succeed and grow as a publicist.


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Did you say A
welcome bonus?

Sure did. So many stinking welcome gifts

💎 Bonus #1 - Our signature career course, PRISM ($497 value)


Oh yes honey. PRISM is 3-months worth of career boosting content centered around building a magnetic personal brand, upgrading your PR planning, pitching and brand positioning, plus strategies for fast career growth. Add in more than 10 hours of candid podcast-style conversations with top pros like Dria Murphy (Alise Collective), Aire Plichta (formerly of Modcloth) and Amy Denoon (CEO, Beach House PR), and you’ll have plenty to work with from day one.

💎 Bonus #2 - Our Industry Primer Course, PR Accelerator ($297 value)

Get a refresher on pitching, working with influencers and email marketing in just 7 days. After taking it, Nicole said it was “better than a course I bought that cost more than $1,000.” 

Questions? ask away!

the Coterie is a monthly membership, career coaching and expert mentorship community for mid-senior level industry pros (account coordinators to account directors, in agency speak) in communication-focused careers (typically PR, marketing, branding,  social media, content creation etc). If you don’t exactly fit in the categories above, but want to be a part of the Coterie, just reach out and we are happy to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

the Coterie is predominantly self led, so it’s really up to you! Full participation in the monthly calls, challenges and forum should take no more than 5 hours a month. 

Joining the Coterie grants you immediate access to our members-only area with your personal login. You get access into our content vault, monthly lessons/challenges and group coaching call, quarterly trainings and a 24-7 forum to connect with team PRC, featured members and each other (plus some other goodies that are currently top secret!).

Our content vault is worth more than $2,500 some of what is included is:

  • Everything in our Couturekit in one handy place
  • Pitch Perfect Ebook
  • Career Outreach Templates
  • Influencer Marketing Templates
  • Influencer Media List
  • Holiday Gift Guide Pitch Training + Bonus masterclass
  • Salary Negotiation Training
  • Build your Brandifesto Training

Nope! PR Couture does cater primarily to those in fashion or lifestyle communications, but inside the Coterie we accept communicators of all kinds! We believe we can all learn something from each other, and that certain best practices and industry challenges go beyond a single niche. 

the Coterie is focused on best practices that most often transcend location. We have welcomed members from the UK and AU who have found the program valuable.

A confetti ball drops from the ceiling at PR Couture HQ and an official Welcome Email with all the info you need to immediately dive into our member portal will be sent your way.

the Coterie is a monthly membership and you may cancel at any time in order to not be billed for the following month. There are no refunds given however, once your account has been debited for the current monthly period.

We are working on it! If you are interested in providing access to the Coterie as part of an employee perks package, please reach out to

Reach out to with any additional inquiries