A decidedly-different member + mentorship community for communication professionals

coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

You deserve to EXCEL at a PR job you LOVE, where your ambitious, strategic, creative BEST SELF can shine. You deserve the fancy paycheck – and powerful placements – that come with being a truly exceptional communications professional.

And you deserve to THRIVE without second-guessing your skills and career path while struggling to make ends meet.


  • Securing consistent, results-driving wins by learning and implementing the strategies that actually work for today's landscape (hello career confidence)
  • A "one-to-watch" reputation thanks to a stellar personal brand that regularly brings dream collaborations and connections your way (grab the mic)
  • Watching your bank account get extra cushy, your vacation fund grow and, okay, your shoe collection get a little extra - thanks to finally getting paid for all these skills (see ya salary woes)
  • Successfully navigating tough professional situations and personalities with ease including asking for a raise and "crazy" clients (nothing phases you - it's #handled)
  • Total work-life balance most days because you've learned to put yourself first while still tending to your PR-iorities (you've got room for dating AND meal prep)
  • Always having a safe place to problem solve (and vent!) thanks to your dream professional network filled with smart, driven and KIND humans to call your very own (you've found your people)

When you chose a career in PR/marketing, you wanted to work alongside all those cool girl brands you love, to help them land press, be seen on celebrities, grow huge social followings  (and to score those samples, let’s be real). But the reality has been less than amazing; you’ve had to work on projects you don’t care about, for people who make you feel like crap, for a salary and lifestyle that leaves much to be desired. 

Spoiler: None of this is your fault. 

Working in this field means moving at break-neck speed to keep up with client expectations, media needs and last-minute changes (are there any other kind?). Because of the pace and, let’s be real, competition for clients and coverage, it’s rare that we receive the mentorship, training and guidance we need to succeed. 

And so we work alone — and think we are alone in these feelings. 

In a word: nope.

So what do you do if you aren’t getting the support, expertise and opportunities you want to do great work, make bank, and help lead our industry forward?

It’s time to take back control of your career.

It’s time to look outside your job and your immediate circle for the expertise, tools and community you’ve been searching for.

 ✔️ Believe me, as someone who wanted nothing more than to help incredible brands start movements, gain raving fans, and tell impactful stories, but instead spent years diluting her ideas to get approval, struggling to find the confidence, projects and recognition she craved, I totally get it. 

 ✔️  What you’ll now find inside the Coterie is the culmination of my 15 years’ industry experience, starting as an intern terrified to pick all the phone to a full on boss who grew PR Couture from a simple blog into an industry-leading digital destination and becoming one of a small percentage of female-owned online businesses making six figures.

 ✔️ You get access into everything I have learned in the last decade, and everything I am continuing to figure out (my ahas and your ahas!). All this plus reaping the benefits of tens of thousands of dollars invested in my Master’s program, coaching, masterminds and memberships, plus access to my vast industry connections — it’s all on the table.

Take a seat, sweet cheeks.

Welcome to the Coterie

A decidedly different member + mentorship community for communication professionals

Give your communication skills, CAREER and industry connections a forever boost

coterie: an intimate and often exclusive group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose

Membership includes instant access to heaps of PR and marketing resources, on-call career coaching, mentor connections, expert trainings, communication-based teaching + challenges, accountability playdates, lively conversation and like-minded support.

As part of the Coterie you can expect:

  • Professional uplevels aplenty across the comm spectrum - from charisma hacks to conversion-driving social copy, you'll be a force
  • Regular opportunities to get expert answers to all your burning career and industry questions and quick direction as needed to help you go further, faster
  • Regular insights that will deepen your awareness into who you are, what you want, and how to make it happen, dreams come true here

These are our pillars:

***Unlike other professional memberships, courses and degree programs that are out of step with the needs of today’s modern, multi-passionate communications pro, the Coterie is built on the framework of what’s needed in the market right now, and focuses on providing you with the career strategy, tools, expertise and community to ensure you stand out, stay sane and enjoy yourself – amidst the pressure.

After more than a decade spent coaching, consulting with and mentoring publicists one on one,  from entry-level to bona-fide expert, I  want you to know that you can absolutely:

  • Become the powerful, confident leader who speaks up, takes control and makes amazing things happen
  • Create a career where your unique gifts and talents are recognized - where collaboration is valued over competition
  • Create a life that is more than just work work work, that includes time to relax, work out, test your baking skills, travel to Morocco, whatever.
  • Execute incredible campaigns for outstanding brands - no matter the latest app or algorithm

The Coterie At a glance...

crush your career

Whether you’re working towards that next promotion, considering going freelance or looking for a new job entirely, participating in the Coterie will equip you with the necessary coaching, mentor trainings and community forum to help you gracefully navigate all of it.

Wondering how to write a pr plan? Click through for a pr plan template form a fashion pr pro. Just download and go!

sharpen your skills

Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to go deep on a different facet of communication (from how to boost your natural charisma to negotiating your salary) that will expand both your skill-set and what’s possible (think: unexpected, surprising changes across your whole gorgeous life).

Get sh%t done

Our workbooks, templates and frameworks are an instant time saver. Coupled with our monthly accountability playdates (aka co-working sessions) you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with a bit of structure and focus. 



Hey it's me Crosby

Founder of PR Couture and Queen of the Coterie

Does this sound about right?

Brands rely on us to convey meaningful messages to key audiences on a worldwide scale. They come to us with challenges and needs, looking for our strategic support, media expertise, storytelling and increasingly technical know-how.

Meanwhile, we’re facing professional challenges of our own. Digital innovation and content consumption preferences have yielded a wildly different media landscape and set of storytelling tools than just a few years ago. What used to work is no longer quite as effective, and what does work simply doesn’t have much staying power.

The lines between marketing, public relations and advertising are more blurred than ever before; we find ourselves not only focusing on press coverage, but adopting the role of content producer, social media ads manager and influencer contract negotiator.

Add to that our own career goals – to lead and manage teams, to start our own thing, change industries, strike a better work life balance, and it’s no wonder PR in particular regularly end up on “most stressful jobs” lists.

Our industry is evolving too quickly for any of us to keep up with on our own. 

Join the Coterie

Plus an $800+ Welcome Bonus for a Limited Time
$ 97
  • The Coterie Content Vault ($1200+ worth of templates, worksheets, trainings)
  • The Coterie Clubhouse (aka our 24-7 member forum)
  • The Challenge: Monthly Skills Training + Group Coaching call
  • Quarterly Salon Series: Guest mentors share career path + what's working
  • Quarterly Playdate (aka productivity-boosting coworking call)
  • Member mention in PR Couture newsletter and Instagram
  • Significant savings on 1:1 coaching, events and partner offers
  • $800+ Welcome Bonus - for a limited time

Join the waitlist to be first to hear when the doors open up in 2020

Did you say A
welcome bonus?

Sure did. So many stinking welcome gifts

💎 Bonus #3 - Our signature career course, PRISM ($497 value)


Oh yes honey. PRISM is 3-months worth of career boosting content centered around building a magnetic personal brand, upgrading your PR planning, pitching and brand positioning, plus strategies for fast career growth. Add in more than 10 hours of candid podcast-style conversations with top pros like Dria Murphy (Alise Collective), Aire Plichta (formerly of Modcloth) and Amy Denoon (CEO, Beach House PR), and you’ll have plenty to work with from day one.

💎 Bonus #4 - Our Industry Primer Course, PR Accelerator ($297 value)

Get a refresher on pitching, working with influencers and email marketing in just 7 days. After taking it, Nicole said it was “better than a course I bought that cost more than $1,000.” 


We believe we are charting our careers in a time that invites us to be more creative, more curious and more collaborative than we have been taught to be.

If you agree, join us as a founding member.

Join the waitlist to be first to hear when the doors open up in 2020

Questions? ask away!

Reach out to hello@prcouture.com with any additional inquiries

the Coterie is a monthly membership, career coaching and expert mentorship community for industry pros and hopefuls in communication-focused careers (typically PR, marketing, branding,  social media, content creation etc). If you don’t exactly fit in the categories above, but want to be a part of the Coterie, just reach out and we are happy to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Joining the Coterie grants you immediate access to our members-only area with your personal login. You get access into our content vault, monthly lessons/challenges and group coaching call, quarterly trainings and a 24-7 forum to connect with team PRC, featured members and each others (plus some other goodies that are currently top secret!). 

Our content vault is worth more than $1,000 and currently includes:

  • Everything in our Couturekit in one handy place 
  • Pitch Perfect Ebook
  • Career Outreach Templates
  • Sample sponsorship contract
  • Influencer Marketing Templates
  • Media Training prep checklist
  • Better Bio Questions
  • PR 101 Templates
  • Influencer Media List
  • Holiday Gift Guide Pitch Training + Bonus masterclass

Nope! PR Couture does cater primarily to those in fashion or lifestyle communications, but inside the Coterie we accept communicators of all kinds! We believe we can all learn something from each other, and that certain best practices and industry challenges go beyond a single niche. 

A confetti ball drops from the ceiling at PR Couture HQ and an official Welcome Email with info on any bonuses and a new member questionnaire will head speedily over to you.

Access into our membership portal starts November 5.

the Coterie is a monthly membership and you may cancel at any time in order to not be billed for the following month. There are no refunds given however, once your account has been debited for the current monthly period.

Yes! If you are interested in providing access to the Coterie as part of an employee perks package, please reach out to hello@prcouture.com