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tree.jpgIn a brilliant cause marketing effort, ThisNext will plant 10 trees for every eco-friendly item tagged “earth day,” in preparation for Earth Day on April 22.

My only quip is a lack of information about the promotion – is there a limit on how many trees they will donate, what is the estimated value per tree? I’m assuming they are partnering with an environmental organization, or plan on giving the tree donations to a particular non-profit – but I couldn’t find this infomation either. It would have been great to know more about the tress – where they will be planted, what kind of trees, latest statistics on deforestation etc, as well as more information about partner organizations.

That said, I am definately going to start scouring for my favorite green products. I started with Srina Tea. My post for ThisNext is below – for some reason I can’t get the image to show up in the blog post – grump.)

Srina™ : Organic Green Tea

So granted, Srina Tea is a client of mine – but even if it wasn’t I would suggest this tea above and beyond all other green teas. For starters, the owner actually created an organic, sustainable farm in Sri Lanka where this tea is made – 100% organically grown green tea, hand-plucked and packaged using natural fibers. Even the packaging comes from the farm – like the banana leaves that are used to hold the tea. The goal is to get people back to drinking, eating and living the way nature intended–naturally and organically.

ThisNext is a a shopcasting network, where shopcasting as “a word that combines shopping and broadcasting. What podcasting did for audio is what we’re doing for shopping—broadcasting taste and knowledge of great products recommended by people like you.”

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