It's time to learn the business of TikTok
and no, you don't have to dance
(unless you want to, of course!)


Your seat includes access to the recorded training + our TikTok Cheat Sheet to help you develop your unique video-looping content strategy

Register for this 60-min recorded training to learn exactly how to become a top expert on TikTok and get paying clients from your efforts on the app.

Your Instructor: Michelle Wintersteen, Kiss My Loops

Michelle uses TikTok to showcase client work, mentor up-and-coming freelancers and share her expertise and unique process – and it’s working. TikTok is now the NUMBER ONE referral source of business booked – and her follower count has reached 30k in just two months of strategic effort.⁣

Learn how to replicate her success!
Michelle believes that “the greatest opportunity on TikTok right now is that you don’t need a big following to get high visibility & potentially high engagement on your work.”


Sounds…refreshing, doesn’t it? 

Stop hesitating and start experimenting!

If you’ve been wondering:

  • How the heck do you use this app?
  • What am I supposed to be posting?
  • Are my prospective clients *really* on this thing?

Register now for this action-oriented training where you will get answers to the above and learn how to maximize the content you already have to define your niche and expertise and start magnetizing leads from prospective clients right away.

There’s nothing like the present to start building up your account (usage is WAY up but you’re still ahead of the curve – and there’s TONS of opportunity to become the go-to expert in your niche!).


spend 60-mins with Michelle and walk away knowinG

ready to tiktok about it?

Sign up for The Business of TikTok Training for $27 

Your seat includes access to the recorded training (Vimeo link) + our TikTok cheat sheet to help you develop your unique video-looping content strategy.

$47 reserves your spot and includes the recording


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the Coterie is for driven communication pros just like you who are on a mission to be the very best at what they do. Members rely on the resources, networking and coaching included in the Coterie to help them achieve professional goals and love the work they do (while making bank).

$47 for your first month, $97/month thereafter.
If you find it’s not the matcha latte of your dreams, you can cancel anytime.

Membership in the Coterie grants instant access to templates, trainings, monthly challenges, group and one-one-one coaching.

When you’re serious about next-leveling your career,
we’re here to help with the heavy lifting.

1. optimize your communication skills with monthly challenges as you put energy toward your own expertise and leadership

2. Level up with tons of access to your own fancypants business/career/life coach (at a fraction of what it costs everyone else)

3. Go further, faster with so.many.resources + new ones added each month (not to mention the collective brilliance of your fellow members)

*Unlike other professional memberships and programs that are out of step with your needs as a modern, multi-passionate communications pro, the Coterie is built around what’s working in the market NOW and what action steps are a  fit for your  unique gifts, interests and expertise. We help you identify your most compelling message, stay sane and make a name for yourself – so that you can raise rates, command the stage or impact thousands  from the comfort of your couch – you do you, boo.

hello there you saucy pr pro!

I started PR Couture way back in 2006 because I wanted a dedicated place online to connect with others in the field. Because frankly, I hadn’t gotten that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for career insight or support in the early days of my career – I didn’t want that to happen to anyone else on my watch.

The way I see it, public relations works best when we place our highest value on the strength of our relationships, when we slow down long enough to truly listen to and support one another. These days, I am proud that what was once a little fashion PR blog has evolved into a cornerstone of many career success stories (the least of which is my own).

In late 2019, I launched the Coterie to further commit to that early goal of making sure that PR professionals like us – no matter our location or experience – have a go-to resource to help us do our work with confidence. A place where we are can be both recognized for and encouraged in our expertise, where no question is off limits, no aspiration too lofty.

I want you to know the pride that comes from challenging yourself to go a bit bigger, shine a bit brighter. And I want you to experience the joy that comes from sharing what you know, being in-demand for your unique perspective (aka getting paid to be YOU!), and clear where you want to focus your contribution and impact.

I hope you see you in this upcoming training and the Coterie very soon – it would be an honor to play a role in your own success story.

In your corner,



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