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Boudoir PR launched in 2004 as a beauty and fashion PR agency, and has since added parenting, young designer and lifestyle categories divisions. In August, the London-based agency announced a new brand identity, B Public Relations to coincide with client growth, international partnerships, new service offerings and recent move to new office and showroom premises on Bedford Square, London. Along with the name change, the agency has announced the appointment of Holly Brunskill, the agency’s Fashion Director to Board Director and Stakeholder.

We caught up with Owner & Managing Director, Sally-Anne Stevens, to find out more about the recent agency evolution.

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What process did you go through to develop the new name and corresponding branding?

Within our agency we have a branding division, the team were given their most important task to date; rebranding the business! The team came up with several concepts and names which we brought down to a final few we then threw this open to the full BPR team to discuss and it was clear immediately that B Public Relations would be the way forward for the agency. It was also important to us to maintain the good name of Boudoir PR and the heritage, this is demonstrated through the creation of our ‘Young Designer’ division now named ‘Boudoir’; our branding division is ‘B-Branded’, our social media division ‘B Social’ all under the B Public Relations umbrella.

What does the new brand signify about the evolution of the agency?

It’s an exciting new era for us all at BPublic Relations, a time of expansion and commercial growth, we moved into new premises in Bloomsbury 6 months ago with new showroom space and an outside space we use for events – it signifies a move on from boutique to a mid sized agency with a broad service offering.

What does BPR do best?

B Public Relations is a very commercial PR agency, we really specialise in E commerce and High Street fashion as well as jewellery from young designer to luxury. Our beauty division specialises in colour, hair, nails and unique beauty products especially anything science led. Our lifestyle department is very celebrity led, due to the nature of British and US media I would say our real forte lays in the strength of our celebrity affiliation.

What other changes have you made that coincide with the new branding?

We have just moved office to a more luxurious premises in the heart of the West End our space is twice the size of our previous offices with a large showroom, meeting facility for clients and outside space where we have a marquee which we use for events. We have also increased our headcount and launched Boudoir the Young Designer division which specialises in nurturing young brands and start ups working on a smaller budget.

How did you ensure that media and prospective clients could easily communicate with you during the transition and post-launch?

Communication was seeded in the three months leading to the change over across industry to a positive reception. Industry and clients alike have referred to Boudoir as BPR for many years , the ‘B’ has been our logo from the get-go, in different guises, so this has been a natural transition for the agency. All industry received communication on the day of change over as well as announcements in all industry trade media. Social media too has played a key part in the change over with a teaser on the run up and then announcement on twitter, Facebook and great support from our blogger friends.

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