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With a potential for massive reach and customization, brands can use social media quizzes to boost social traffic, entertain and engage audiences, generate leads and bring in revenue. Here’s what you’ll need to know before you create a quiz.

1. Pick a Quiz Creation Tool

Successful quizzes appeal to a person’s need to learn more about themselves and validate their wants and needs. But it’s also important for them to be interactive and visually appealing. Tools like QzzrInteract, and ShortStack and other third-party software help with coding and picking elegant, yet simple design themes. Pick the right one and you might get language support, too!

2. Choose what type of quiz you want to create

In order to create something that both entertains and serves your greater marketing purpose, the first step is to choose a quiz category that serves both goals. The best social media quizzes have a natural tone and use a mix of text and images. Keep in mind that quizzes are not full-blown tests. Eight to ten questions is a standard count and will take about 3-5 minutes, which is on the top-end of the amount of time most social users are ready to spend before receiving a result. To that end, there are two different quiz types that tend to drive up participation.

To that end, there are two different quiz types that tend to drive up participation.

Knowledge Quiz

A knowledge quiz tests for awareness around a particular topic; it’s a fundamental wrong or right type of quiz. This type of quiz is a fun way to assess various audiences and challenge the customers concerning information they have about your product, brand or a lifestyle/pop culture aspect that plays well into your brand voice and target audience preferences.

Personality Quiz

We all love to learn about ourselves (and to share those insights through social media), which is what makes a personality quiz so effective. For fashion and lifestyle brands, questions about style preferences, “what’s your summer style,” or “what does your wardrobe say about you,” work well – and give you the opportunity to bring in lookbook images to brand quiz visuals.

2. Create an enticing headline

According to social media experts, 80% of readers will gauge the worth of a post from its title. The same extends to your quiz title, it must inspire curiosity and a desire to know the answer. You can take your cue from viral content powerhouses like UpWorthy and Buzzfeed. So, it puts pressure on you to create an impressive title.

Here’s a headline tip: Include the word ‘actually’ in the title to boost interest and to add an extra oomph of persuasion to drive your audience to find out exactly how much they know, or to determine a definitive personality based question.

3. Make a lead capture for your quiz

Doing a quiz for the sake of engaging with your audiences has some merit, but in reality, brands create social media quizzes to acquire important data about their audiences. Consider what your goals are with regard to your quiz. An easy way (though one that will incur a bit of a drop-off completion rate), is to require an email address before showing results.

Quizzes help introduce brands and products to audiences. Plus, you can drive traffic to blogs and articles written by (or about) you and drive audiences to events you’re hosting.

4. Create share-worthy visuals for your quiz results

It’s important that your quiz is coded to work well with various social platforms. For Facebook specifically, it’s important that your results be highly visual – whether charts/graphs or beautiful images. In order to share the quiz with friends and followers, the quiz taker must feel proud and excited about their results and how they look on their profile.

Quizzes are easy to create, fun, and interactive, and can be implemented into any social strategy. For best results,  ensure that you have a clear goal, data capture process and of course, an enticing question that your target audience can’t help but need to be answered.

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