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Last week I shared 10 of my favorite Twitter chats for PR professionals. I hope you’ve had a chance to investigate at least a few of them. Now, we’re all busy people, so it’s important that we maximize the value of any time spent engaging with others on Twitter. So, what can we do to ensure Twitter chatting is time well spent? Follow these 5 guidelines:

1. Research the topic ahead of time

The host will announce the topic of the chat a few days ahead of time, so if you want to make the most of your participation, especially in an area you aren’t super familiar with, take some time and prep for the Twitter chat – note new developments or campaigns that fit the theme. Having relevant examples at hand will make it easy to impress; you’ll be well-informed from the outset.

2. Jump right into the conservation

Don’t be afraid to participate in these chats: test your knowledge against the seasoned pros. No one will notice you if you do not say anything, but remember you are there to be noticed so contribute your ideas. All chats are based on PR theories and practices so while you may not have the hands on experience, you do have the knowledge.

3. Add onto existing conversations

If you have something to add to another person’s statement, whether  to agree or offer a different viewpoint, respond to their tweet by quoting it below your comment.  If you want to gain more specifics about something, just ask. No rules state that you can only answer the questions set by the host.

4. Write down resources for future research

Take notes on everything: what tools other professionals are using; what campaigns they all mention; what events, seminars, and webinars they promote. You could even note down any comments they make and use it in an assignment (with their permission) or new business proposal. Pull as much information from these 140 characters as you can.

5. Continue engagement after the Twitter chat ends

Consider it pajama networking. Once the conversation has finished, follow the people you had direct interaction with and reply to any tweets you may have missed. During the following week, keep the connection going by retweeting or replying to those tweets. In this way, you’ll be building the relationship, after all,  because you never know where it could lead.

The more you consistently participate in specific Twitter Chats, the more it will feel like you are simply checking in with you colleagues and less like you are simply throwing your thoughts into the wind. As regular chat participants come to expect and enjoy your participation each week, you’ll be well on your way toward expanding your network, industry knowledge and Twitter platform expertise. Happy chatting!

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