Vidicom & InStyler Partner to Create Video Content with Celebrity Stylist Dean Banowetz


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The creative folks at Vidicom partnered up with notable celebrity stylist Dean Banowetz and InStyler to produce engaging branded video content. This strategic collaboration was a way for both Vidicom to showcase their video production know-how and for InStyler to show off their innovative products. We had a chance to go behind the scenes and meet the savvy team at Vidicom and The Hollywood Hair Guy himself.


After spending six seasons on American Idol, working on exclusives for Extra! and as the spokesperson for InStyler, we were thrilled to steal some pro hair tricks from Dean. From vintage waves, smooth and sleek blowouts to a fun French braid, Dean nailed the top three looks for perfect summer tresses. As a savvy brand ambassador, Dean achieved these styles with revolutionary hair styling tools, the InStyler rotating hot iron and the curl and volume-enhancing TOPSTYLER. To learn how to DIY these summer perfect hairdos, check out Dean’s interview with beauty blogger Blushing Basics or Vidicom’s step-by-step tutorial.

Aside from learning insider tips on how to create effortless summer hair, we chatted with Dean about how generating amazing press and creating buzz worthy hair has played a role in his success.

Were there any ‘PR moments’ that really took your career to the next level?

Biggest PR moment was signing on for American Idol and watching the ratings climb since it was the first of any singing competition show.

What were some of your most memorable hairdos that generated a ton of publicity?

Sanjaya’s Pony Hawk got a lot of buzz as well as Carrie Underwood’s finale waves. And of course Clay Aiken’s transformation.

What is one piece if advice you would give emerging hair stylists?

One of the best pieces of advice for any emerging hair stylist is to work. I know it sounds simple, but so often people are not willing to put in the time. Take every opportunity that comes your way and if you want to do a particular job be motivated and eager and watch your goals become reality.