Sometimes you just need someone who gets it,
to help get you back on track.

A Virtual VIP Day with Crosby is Just the Thing


As a creative, business-minded smartypants (aka my favorite kind of person) coming up with amazing ideas isn’t the problem. 

Figuring out which of your brilliant impulses are worth pursuing, and the most effective strategies to ensure those efforts are a success – well that’s where it gets tricky. Being able to see your own blind spots is next to impossible. Toss in everyone’s favorite mean girl perfectionism, a tendency toward people pleasing and a dash of imposter syndrome – well, you’ve got yourself a recipe for overthinking stew (ew, gross).

You know what the ultimate outcome of all that in-your-own-head wheel-spinning is?

Guaranteed failure.

After all, if you’re not moving forward, you’re not making progress.

So let’s not do that, shall we?

Here's how your Virtual VIP Day of Voxer works:

  • From approximately 8am - 8pm PT, you get my brain all up in your business (go ahead and bug me, this is your day)
  • We will use the walkie-talkie style app Voxer to communicate as needed - using a mix of text and voice messages (you don't even have to put on a fancy work top to go with those pajamas)
  • You'll able to save your messages to revisit the dazzling insights and ahas, sure to pour from both of us as you go forth and make it happen (you've SO got this)

Want a full day of pep-talks, deep-dives,
actionable strategy and divisive next steps?

Your Virtual VIP Day of Voxer with Crosby is $250
(for a limited-time as I trial this out a bit)

For context, a single, 75-minute Breakthrough Session with me is $497

You’ll be prompted to pay and book your day, all at once!

A few extra details

  • We may be able to do a little back-and-forth, but do know this is not like being on a call with me all day long or a VIP day. I’ll be as responsive as possible, but we'll both be doing other things, too.
  • We can chat about anything in your business or professional life. New revenue streams, brand positioning, business planning + strategy, client management, pitch angles, email marketing, it's all on the table.
  • Your Day of Voxer may include a high-level document review (or two) but doesn't include copy-edits/line-item edits (this is going to be hardest on me I promise).

I can’t wait to be your business partner for the day

You’ll be prompted to pay and book your day, all at once!

new around here? I'm Crosby

I started PR Couture way back in 2006 because I wanted a dedicated place online to connect with others working in PR. And, because frankly, I did not get that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for job insights or guidance in the early days of my career – I didn’t want that to happen to anyone else – not on my watch!

These days, I am proud that what was once a little fashion PR blog has evolved into a cornerstone of many career success stories (the least of which is my own). In late 2019, I launched an industry membership program, the Coterie to further commit to that early goal of making sure that communication professionals – no matter our location or experience – have a go-to resource to help us do  exceptional work with confidence and recognition.

I want you to know the pride that comes from challenging yourself to go a bit bigger, shine a bit brighter. And I want you to experience the joy that comes from sharing what you know, being in-demand for your unique perspective (aka getting paid to be YOU!), and clear where you want to focus your contribution and impact.

I hope you “see” you for a Day of Voxer soon – it would be an honor to play a role in your next steps.

In your corner,