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Just like Madonna, PR Girls know when it’s time for a new look. And, as any hard-working Girl Boss will tell you, a brand new shiny website is pretty much the ultimate Valentine’s Day present.

I’m excited, relieved and feeling all the warm and fuzzies with this site launch, and can’t wait to show you around!

In anticipation of December’s 10 year anniversary (I know, shut up, right?), I knew it was time to give the old gal both a style and structural transformation. To get started, I spent time redefining PR Couture’s business model with my incredible coach Kate and articulating my vision for the future. I chose ShiftFWD to take the insights gleaned from our PR Couture Reader Survey and my rather-long wish list to bring the site up to speed. With Naomi and the team at ShiftFWD, I finally feel like I’ve found a true design & development partner and I cannot say enough great things about working with them on this project – from start to finish. There was a ton of cleanup to do as well (nine years of content and pages and moving things to their new homes gets…messy), so I can’t forget to thank my team of admin angels, Martha and Yasmin, who helped me to organize the backend (village, people, village).

So, what’s new?

From a style perspective, it was time to give our branding a light refresh and introduce a sophisticated, neutral palette. We dropped the old tagline “Fashion PR’s Haute Spot” and ushered in a new one more representative of who we are now, “Sourcebook for Fashion & Lifestyle Communicators.”

Structurally, we had two main goals with the site. First, to make it easier to comb through recent articles and archives to find the tips articles and examples you need to up-level your results. We accomplished this through a total re-categorization of all articles, fancy content-rich menu drop-downs, and the introduction of handy category landing pages (take our media relations page for a spin). We’ve also and with Outbrain to bring you a super powerful recommendation engine. Secondly, it was important that we do a better job of organizing and displaying all the other goodies – courses, media lists – we offer. To that end, our directory, shop and job board have been entirely revamped. The mobile and tablet experience has been completely upgraded as well so you can easily connect with us from any device.

In support of that adage, Go Big or Go Home, we also took the opportunity to switch email service providers (hello ConvertKit) so if you’re on our email list (hint hint) you’ll see some changes there in the next few weeks as well. Job-seekers in particular are going to love our jobs digest – alerting you right away when a new opening has been posted.

What’s changed

When I started PR Couture nine years ago, I was 26, fresh out of grad school and looking for a way to connect with other publicists and fashion bloggers while sharing what I knew about fashion PR. For the next six years, it became my passion project/side-hustle/after-hours gig while I worked my way up agency-land. For the past 3 years, PR Couture has been my full-time business and consulting platform, which I’m proud to say led to six-figures in 2015. These days, I’m doing most of my consulting through my new, personal site and thinking about PR Couture as a standalone brand, media company, sourcebook…community.

I hope you continue to get a ton of value out of the site as we grow (and grow up!). It’s important to me that continue to prioritize helpfulness, professional kindness and connection; I’m always a quick email away.

Now, start exploring the New PR Couture!

And please, mind any small issues you may encounter as we fine-tune everything!


Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

Known as the “fashion publicist’s most powerful accessory,” (San Diego Union-Tribune) and the “West Coast ‘It’ girl of fashion PR,” (YFS Magazine) Crosby Noricks put fashion public relations on the digital map when she launched PR Couture in 2006. She is the author of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR, available on Amazon. A decade later, Crosby is a successful fashion marketing strategist who spends her time championing PR Couture's growth and mentoring fashion publicists through her signature online course PRISM. Learn more about opportunities to work directly with Crosby at her website crosbynoricks.com