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At heart, blockchain PR is about enhancing and building the reputation of a company using media channels. While that seems straightforward, these aren’t the only benefits that your company will come across if you decide to invest in blockchain PR.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down some of the benefits of good blockchain PR. From developing a community base to increasing investment in IDO projects, we’ll be seeing the power of blockchain.

When looking for a blockchain PR team, be sure they have a documented history of past clients and case studies that document their efficiency in producing the following benefits:

  • Increasing traffic and gaining new investors
  • Building a strong brand identity
  • Developing a community base
  • Keeping investors and current customers up to date

Let’s break down these factors of good blockchain PR even further:

Increase Traffic and Gain New Investors

A comprehensive blockchain PR strategy will incorporate blockchain marketing and crypto SEO elements to ensure your website is as optimized as possible. Once they’ve done this, a well-written PR campaign will generate a buzz around your company.

From new investors wanting to see what the hype is all about to crypto fanatics seeing a new IDO project launch onto the scene with a bang – great PR is everything.

By launching a successful PR campaign, you’ll be setting your company up for an influx of new eyes onto your website. In fact, it’s reported that good PR is 90% more effective than advertising alone.

With success like that, what’s not to love?

Build a Strong Brand Identity

In the modern world, brand authority and identity are everything. Being able to identify a brand from its logos, color schemes, and content is vital. A good blockchain public relations strategy will combine these elements, ensuring a cohesive final product.

Not only can doing this increase your visibility, helping your brand to stand out from the crowd, but it also increases customer loyalty. As users become familiar with your product, they’ll be more inclined to return again and again!

Develop Community Relationships

Great blockchain public relations goes beyond just increasing how effective your brand is. It will also improve your relationship with the cryptocurrency community. 

One aspect of blockchain PR that is distinct to traditional PR is the need to engage with the crypto community. With a history of cryptocurrency and IDO project scams, many users want an extra level of guaranteed safety when they research a new project.

How blockchain public relations goes about this is developing community relationships. By having one of the leaders of a new IDO project participate in podcasts and interviews within the crypto community, you’ll be building up your name and brand at the same time. 

By going on these hosted community spaces, you’ll be able to share knowledge and expertise, proving yourself to be an expert in your field.

What’s more, people flock to personable characters. A blockchain PR campaign will ensure that any public appearances, such as podcasts you do, represent you in the very best light. This will boost community engagement and make sure people start talking about your brand.

It’s reported that good PR is 90% more effective than advertising alone.

Keep Investors Engaged 

Blockchain PR engages with the community through different media streams than traditional PR. Due to heavy bans placed on social media sites like Facebook, the crypto community congregates in spaces like Steemit and Reddit.

Great blockchain public relations will be familiar with these social sites and will know how to leverage them in order to boost your engagement.

By posting on these sites with updates about your IDO project, as well as on your own personal website blog, you’ll keep any current investors updated. This will also attract new investors as they’ll be able to see a documented history of engagement with the community.

Final Thoughts

Great blockchain PR can make or break an IDO project. By leveraging a blockchain PR agency’s knowledge of the field, you’ll be able to break into a heavily-protected community.

By engaging with the community, your blockchain PR agency will boost your traffic, create a strong sense of brand identity, and make sure that you are embedded in the world of blockchain.

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