Why Content Marketing Just Might Save Public Relations


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Publicists are often natural, gifted storytellers. Like lyrical fairy-godmothers, we can spin a yarn into a ball gown fit for a prince,  or prime time.  It’s often our ability to capture client voice, to appeal to both a social and media audience, and to understand-and-anticipate the media and news cycle that drives digital chatter that keeps clients from looking elsewhere for online PR or social media services.

“It’s no longer about having a point of difference, it’s about a point of view. Brand point of view sits at the heart of cultural relevance, universal values and consumer relevance.” – Julia Goldin, CMO, Revlon

As traditional and digital publications continue to explore how to best capture reader attention in a distracted, short attention-span marketplace, branded content offers a means to develop editorialized content without editorial placement’s lack of certainty and challenging measureability. Developing content development services, or an entire department of content creators capable of developing visual, written and video content on behalf of brands is not only smart business, but also pretty darn fun. No longer do you need to wait for the editor ok before developing, publishing and sharing that great story idea – you can do it in collaboration with your client instead – and then pitch the amazing piece you helped to create! Content development also offers a place to begin conversations about providing a level of brand strategy and support that goes beyond publicity, further cementing the bond between agency and client.

How Fashion Brands Are Embracing Content Marketing

I find content development extremely creative and an exciting space to work in, and enjoy tracking how the fashion industry is taking advantage of branded content. I interviewed Free People about their approach, checked in with a freelance fashion content producer, and contributed some original thoughts of my own in a piece about thinking like an Editor-in-Chief for Fast Company. In fact, I was working on expanding the social media department at Red Door to operate from a larger content marketing division, before I left to pursue PR Couture full-time. I believe there is a huge potential for those of us with a backgrund in public relations to help brands achieves closer connection to – and loyalty from – target audiences. The need for traditional media relations is absolutely there, but it’s only one of many ways to effectively communicate a brand message.

Still not convinced – or in need of some delicious data to entice your client to entrust you with custom content developemt? Check out this Infographic from Wishpond – which found 90% percent of customers find custom content useful, 68% read content from brands they like, and brands with blogs generate 67% more sales leads each month. As a reminder, GAP finds that Lo-Fi content (Instagram, Influencer-generated), generates upwards of 70% more engagement.


If you’re at an agency currently, I’d love to help you figure out how to offer, expand and develop content marketing services. And, if the idea of irresistible content your customers can’t wait to share gets you excited, check out my new Brand Elixer sessions – a radical, alchemical marketing transformation in a single day.

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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