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workhouse.jpgWorkhouse Publicity has announced that it has been selected by emerging fashion designer Gina Velasco, denim line House de Lux, and men’s fashion label MacHay as the Agency of Record. PR Couture interviewed Workhorse back in September, 2007.
Gina Velasco offers an exquisite selection of elaborately designed evening gowns and cocktail dresses by blending elements of Aztecan culture with the 1920’s, but updated with modern flair. Each distinctive piece is made with unconventional combinations of color like melon and gray and unique blends of fabric such as tulle and beaded crochet with silk charmeuse. Gina Velasco designs are worn by women who appreciate the details and live in a world of style, taste and luxury. Put some spice in your step with the debut of Gina Velasco’s Spring, 2008 Collection. Influenced by her Spanish heritage, Gina Velasco celebrates her culture and the female silhouette with a series of intricately designed gowns and convertible cocktails dresses that remind women why they should embrace fashion and their shape.

Edgy denim powerhouse House de Lux is proud to have opened the golden gates to its premiere retail store, a space that brings to life the funkadelic world of S. Hamady. Located on 147 Orchard Street between Rivington and Stanton streets, store hours are Tuesday- Thursday 1pm- 8pm, Friday- Saturday 1pm- 9pm and Sunday 1pm- 6pm. Appropriately located on the Lower East Side, the creations of House de Lux come together with a neighborhood’s creative vibe that adds to the area’s avant-garde scene. Begin with a toppy, tight hi-hat rhythm complimented by a superbly edgy wah-wah guitar, the sound of people talking real jive on the streets, and you’ve got a funky, gritty but danceable soundtrack beat just right for the makings of a grand entrance. Too much sugar for ya or not enough? Travel down a funky street of fashion where groove flows freely and House de Lux shapes crazy cats and kittens with soulful style. The Spring, 2008 collection is filled with right on, butt shaking statement styles not designed for shrinking violets but for those who craze attention. Get down with gold, glitter and eye-enticing looks adorned with House de Lux’s signature militaristic sacred flaming heart. Lady Miss Kier. Joe Namath. Grace Jones. Joe Frazier. Cher. James Brown. Bianca Jagger. Bootsy Collins. Fashionable sisters and brothers who, each in their own way, defined an era through a message of super sexy, Funkadelic, Badaaass style. With House de Lux enter the scene and step into the fashion ring. Put swagger back into your step and fall into a House de Lux show-stopping cat suit which explodes with 70’s sensibility but drips with 2007 flare. This kaleidoscopic collection roars with intrepid animal prints, blinding metallic’s, gold leather outerwear and funked out blackwatch plaid. Pimp out in gold-trimmed leopard overcoats paired with a honeyed low-rise bikini. When things get sticky, rock your pockets with vivid flashback styles geared for super disco indulgence. House de Lux is here to drop electricity and deliver 21st century funk to a generation. Can you dig it? Devotees of House de Lux include legendary designer Patricia Field, futuristic designer Jeremy Scott, ultimate diva Amanda Lepore and songstress Ashanti all who embrace the brand’s brash use of color and edgy, yet versatile vibe. Formally a NYC DJ, designer S. Hamady turns the tables and generates funk by way of fashion conjuring flashbulb popping fashions including distressed gold cat suits, animal print robes and booty huggin stretch jeans. Welcome to the lair of House de Lux, where colorful creations celebrate our shared cultural heritage.

MacHay, the epitome of laid-back luxury, was founded by fashion designer Ufuk Omer Arkun. MacHay’s Spring 2008 Collection includes timeless wardrobe essentials for gents defined by colorful dress shirts, smart cashmere, tailored suite jackets, lightweight sweaters and slim trousers of elevated prestige. The MacHay name is synonymous with old-school inspiration anchored by an indelible portrait of confidence, and each stylized item is renowned for its meticulous detail, uncompromising quality, essential, forward-thinking flavors and a rich palette or inspiration, MacHay remains true to its pedigree of nonchalant style. MacHay evokes a perpetual sense of spirited style for passionate living. The warmth of MacHay’s underlying sophistication leaves room for grater values tucked behind the traditional appeal of high fashion and lends itself well to jet-set characteristics without taking itself too seriously. This lush collection speaks internationally as it transcends cultural barriers by fusing the sincerity of the classic American appeal with a hint of European flair. Turkish-born American design Ufuk Omer Arkun draws his inspiration from a life captivated by both Eastern and Western influences. MacHay was launched in 2004 as a luxury knitwear line but quickly evolved into a full lifestyle collection. Arkun has won the attention of the U.S. fashion scene after winning several notable accolades for his menswear designs and distinguished eye for high-style. His designs have been carried in stores worldwide including Barney’s, Fred Segal and Saks Fifth Avenue and have appeared in publications including GQ, Esquire, The New York Times, and more.

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Crosby Noricks

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