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We are open to diverse pieces from every stage of career, country and area of specialization within PR & Marketing.


If you have a helpful, interesting, original and well-crafted article, article idea, or series concept, we’d love to learn more.

Read through the below, and then pitch us your idea using the form at the bottom of the page. Please read the information on this pace, as well as our full submission guidelines.

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our audience

The PR Couture blog acts as an industry sourcebook for communication professionals and brands. We are focused on providing actionable insights to help our audience meet business goals, retain happy clients and achieve professional success.

Please consider the needs and interests of:

  • PR & Marketing Professionals working agency or in-house
  • Agency Owners and Freelance Publicists
  • Entry-Level PR & Marketing Professionals
  • Company Owners and Brand teams
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Recurring Article Topics

We work from a general editorial calendar each year, and love when articles tie-in to what’s top of mind for publicists throughout the year.

Here’s a peek at what we’re interested in month-by-month:

  • January – New business (New client process, finding new clients, firing clients, pitch presentations, increasing client retainers with new work, SOW/retainer language)
  • February – Celebrity/VIP/Stylists (red carpet award shows, getting products to celebrities, PR the PR, brand ambassadors)
  • March – Brand Building (brand storytelling, managing social for multiple brands, revamping email marketing, company blogs)
  • April – The Agency (team structure, agency culture, hiring the right people, when you have a fire an employee, when it is time to grow, how to grow smart, reporting back to clients)
  • May – Graduation/Career skills (negotiation, delegation, establishing credibility)
  • June – Pitching (holiday campaigns, pitching long-lead publications, gift guides, desk sides)
  • July – PR Tools (media database, virtual showroom, social media scheduling, invoice software, SEO, reporting)
  • August – Influencers/Bloggers (best campaigns of the year, how to write a blogger contract, defining influence, how much should it cost)
  • September – Events (fashion shows, event marketing, getting people to show up at an event, out of the box event ideas, pop-up shops, sponsorships)
  • October – Cause Marketing (pinkwashing/greenwashing, focus on social good companies, does it increase purchases?, pro-bono clients)
  • November – PR & Sales (Measurement/Relationship. Key Dates: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Giving Tuesday)
  • December – What’s NEW (planning for next year, new tools, new agencies, year-in-review)

We are always interested in articles that:

  • Take us behind-the-scenes to share the current efforts of lifestyle brands and PR agencies
  • Highlight different emerging platforms, incredible tools, or resources that help drive big results
  • Strong POV articles about industry trends featuring multiple viewpoints
  • Offer real talk about the reality of working in PR, where it’s all headed, and client management
  • Give an in-depth look at a PR campaign from start to finish
  • Interview editors and journalists about their pitch preferences

Before you submit

Here are a few tips to increase the chances that we will happily publish your work:

  • Aim to both education and entertain! Most often, we say no to articles because they are too general or devoid of personality! We love detailed articles with real-life examples, resources and humor. Framing your topic around data or a trending topic makes us weak in the knees. We care about YOUR experience and that of those in your circle. 
  • Double check the archives:  Search the site to see what else we may have published on your topic. Be sure to pitch a clear, fresh angle or an update to the original. “How to land a PR Internship,” is okay, but “6 things to do your first day as a PR Intern,” is better.
  • Don’t be shady: If your piece mentions a client, disclose the nature of your relationship within the article. We won’t publish anything that is overly self-promotional (that’s a sponsored post).
  • Original content only: Please only submit pieces that are original and not published anywhere else. If you are pitching multiple publications and we agree to run your piece, consider it exclusive to us.
  • Ask your network: If you can bring in additional quotes (3 is the magic number) from your network to strengthen your position or show diversity in perspective, well, we love that!

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