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A few weekends past, I had the pleasure of co-hosting the #YOUphoria launch party for Itemize.com (@itemizellc) at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCASD), along with Barbara Jones of the One2One Network (@one2onenetwork) and Raina, Melissa & Denise from MOMS & THE CITY (@momsandthecity).

And what do co-hosting duties entail might you ask? Well, in addition to chatting it up with the fashion bloggeratti in attendance (Marie Denee/The Curvy Fashionista, Sandra Mendoza-Daly/Debutante Clothing, and Mary Hall/The Recessionista were deliciously good company), I couldn’t ignore the amazing installation happening and had a bit of fun capturing myself and others against the flower trippy projection (Jennifer Steinkamp: Madame Curie). The NoSubject team did an amazing job in securing a venue that just begged to be instagrammed. Yes, I just made up a new verb.

In addition to a photo booth, make your own perfume booth with my favorite eco-boutique Future Standard, give-aways of Sanita Clogs, live screen printing from Hit + Run, and some delicious kiwi cocktails, over three hundred party attendees were able to experience Itemize, a brand new shopping app that provides custom suggestions based on your shopping history.

Your mobile shopping assistant + digital receipt collector

Mommapalooza, as BlogHer is affectionately known, was the perfect opportunity to target the mobile-friendly, shop-happy mom who love fashion and deals! By analyzing your custom shopping DNA, the app acts a bit like Mint, reminding you of that $400 impulse charge you made to Nordstrom three months ago, except Itemize will remind you it was for those Chloe boots you snagged on clearance. Phew. The app also learns from where, when and how often you shop, optimizing itself in real-time to serve up product suggestions and sale alerts based on your shopping habits and preferences. It also stores digital receipts, and will soon come with a photo app whereby you can simply snap a receipt and have it added to your Itemize hall of shame account.

Co-Founder Kristen Beveridge gave NYDailyNews some additional context around where the app is headed, stating that “Our eventual goal is to allow Merchants to offer private deals (we call them You-Pons) to our members. We’ll be able to connect brands and consumers like never before, based on the fact that we will really know what people buy. We will be able to make a one-to-one connection, which is something that no other deal site can do, especially the ones focused on group buying.”

It’s basically the ultimate enabler.

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